Review of Waitrose gingernut biscuits

If like me you follow a dairy and lactose free diet you’re probably well aware that many biscuits are not a viable option. However it’s not all doom and gloom there are several nice biscuits out there that one can try. One of which is gingernut biscuits. Although I always recommended that you check the label just in case. As a result I thought it would be one of my missions to try out different brands of gingernut biscuits to see if I can find a particular favourite. My first review is of Waitrose and branded Essential gingernut biscuits. I purchased a 300 g packet of biscuits.
Each biscuit contains 46 calories, 1.5 g of fat, 0.10g of salt and 3.4 g of sugar. The biscuits are circular in appearance and look hard and crunchy. I’m biting into the biscuits are good crunch was noted. I found them to be not too sweet whilst having just the right hint of ginger noted without being to overpowering.They were perfect for dunking into a nice cup of tea. In summary there are an inexpensive treat that I will definitely be buying again.


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