Review of Waitrose Crisp and Floury Ciabatta Rolls

In an ideal world I’d like to eat fresh bread every day sadly, this is not realistic. So my plan B option is to buy part baked loaves and rolls. Being dairy and lactose free means that I can’t just pick up a packet and take it home to enjoy. I have to check the ingredients list first first. I do like ciabatta bread and when I saw these in Waitrose I thought they looked very tempting and hoped that I could give them a try. The only allergen listed was wheat, bingo I could give these a try. As if by magic they jumped into my shopping basket. I decided to try one for lunch. As it was the weekend I decided to have it with sausages. The packaging itself is warm and inviting. It is see through so you can see clearly see the fresh rolls that are waiting to be eaten. It is always a bonus in my book because you know what you are getting. Each roll has 213 calories, 4.1g of fat, 1.7g of sugar and 0.60g of salt. A roll takes between 8 and 10 minutes to cook.
I personally leave my roll a minute or so to call down slightly before cutting it in half. On doing so a great combination of textures is revealed. The outside top part of the roll has a nice crispy crust, whilst inside there is a nice airy soft and bouncy texture noted. Which coincidently matches Waitrose description of their rolls. On biting into the roll the combination of the two textures was still apparent. There was a nice crunch from bitting into the top of the roll, which to me was spot on as sometimes I can struggle to bite into crunchy rolls. Then came the light airy texture inside, this was light and springy and not too doughie in texture. Perfect combination textures in my personal opinion. As for the taste it tasted exactly how to ciabatta should do. I tend to now have these now on a regular basis mainly at the weekend as a treat. I enjoy them as a whole roll with often with sausages a nice or cut up into individual pieces of the compliment to a nice salad.
So in a nutshell if you follow a dairy free and or lactose free diet I would you give these rolls a try.


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