Review of Hartley’s 10 Cal Cranberry & Raspberry Jelly

I have always enjoyed jelly and it was often the only safe dairy free treat I could have at parties. I love the fact that you can easily pick up ready-made jellies from supermarkets. I recently purchased some Hartley’s 10 cal jelly as it was on offer to try.

I liked the simplicity of the packaging with a Purple Heart and circles. The jelly itself comes in a cup style plastic container meaning that you can see the jelly inside. There were no allergens listed on its ingredients label it was therefore suitable for a dairy free diet. It is also labelled as being suitable for a vegetarian diet.

On opening the lid and a very faint aroma of what I would describe as being similar to summer berries. I wouldn’t describe as cranberry and raspberry but it was still very pleasant. This didn’t change on my famous close up sniff test. I placed my spoon into the pot. The jelly had a nice wobble noted. However, it did have the tendency to fall of my spoon back into the pot. As for the flavour of the jelly it was very similar to the aroma. It tasted a bit similar to summer berries I could taste a hint of raspberries but struggled with the cranberry. To be honest I enjoyed the flavour so this didn’t bother me at all.

So would I recommend this jelly? Yes I would. I enjoyed everything about this jelly from the aroma through to its flavour and texture. It’s also a bonus that it is low in calories. So thank you Hartley’s for producing a jelly that I can enjoy.

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Review of Marks & Spencer’s Fruit Jelly Raspberry

Well every now and then a girl deserves a little treat. Now , it can be difficult to find a milk free option when it’s not a planned shop. I was in Marks & Spencer’s and was aware of this jelly as several people had mentioned it. So I went to the chiller section hunting for it, and bingo I found it. The good thing about this jelly is that it contains no milk or its derivatives so is suitable for a dairy / lactose free diet but it is also suitable for vegans. Now onto the jelly itself, it comes in a slim single use pot which is see through. This means that you know what to expect. You can see the deep red slightly wobbly jelly with a scattering of a good quantity of raspberries on the top incorporated into the jelly.
On taking a spoonful of jelly I was impressed by the texture of the jelly. It was and firm yet smooth with a nice wobble noted. This was combined with the texture of raspberries which were whole and had the texture of fresh raspberries and were not mushy at all. Spot on I would say. Now on to its flavour. I could taste the raspberry flavouring which was just right, as it was not too strong or artificial in flavouring. I really enjoyed this jelly, the flavour, texture and its wobble were spot on. I much preferred it to other jellies that I have tried. So thank you Marks & Spencer’s for producing a very yummy jelly. This will definitely be going on my sweet treats list to have again. So anyone who follows a dairy / lactose free or vegan diet should give this jelly a try.