Review of Morrisons Free From Celebration Tray Bake

When I heard via social media that Morrisons had added tray bakes to their free from range I admit to being a little excited. They were not only gluten free but milk free and perfect for dairy free me. So I sent my dad out hunting to grab me one with the plan being that I could share it with my mum and nephew who are both gluten free. My dad popped into Morrisons and they were sold out so were obviously popular. My dad finally managed to get me the chocolate celebration tray bake to try. I couldn’t wait to give it a try and had it all to myself as my mum and nephew had managed to find several gluten free cakes on holiday to enjoy.

Onto the packaging. Well it’s in the same style of all of the other free from ranges in Morrisons with the green style packaging. What I liked about this packaging was that it had a clear film to the top which meant that you could see the tempting treat inside. Onto the ingredients it is clearly labelled as being both gluten free and milk free to the front of the packaging. On the ingredients list egg and soya are clearly in bold as allergens. There is a no may contain warning.

On opening the pack I was greeted by a nice sweet but artificial chocolatey aroma which was pleasant and stronger than I had anticipated. This did not change on my famous close up sniff test. The tray bake consisted of 2 clear layers the chocolate sponge underneath and a top chocolate butter icing style with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on the top. On biting into the cake the it had three textures which complimented each other nicely. On my initial bite I got the smoothness from the chocolate butter style icing intermingled with an intermittent crunch from the hundreds and thousands. This was proceeded by the chocolate flavoured sponge which was light and airy and slightly bouncy in texture. A pleasant surprise if I’m honest. However, the sponge was slightly crumbly which did result in some of the sponge separating from the rest of the cake when the it was cut. The combinations of textures worked really well and the hundreds and thousands added that little extra to the cakes texture. Onto the cakes flavour well the main chocolatey element came from the top layer. The actual sponge was a little bland in flavour if eaten in isolation but worked perfectly with the topping. I personally think that if the sponge had been more chocaoltely the cake would have been too rich. I loved the hundreds and thousands on the top. They were sweet but added a little extra to this tray bake.

So would I recommend this  free from chocolate tray bake? Yes I would I’m not surprised that they are popular. I enjoyed everything about this cake from its aroma through to its flavour and texture. I will definitely be buying this again. So if you follow a dairy free, and or gluten free diet why not give this tray bake a try.

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Review of Delicious Alchemy Gluten & Dairy Free Christmas Fruit Cake Mix

I hate to say it, but Christmas is fast approaching. A few years ago it was very difficult to find safe dairy free treats for me to enjoy over the festive period. The rapid expansion of the free from market has changed this in a positive way. I can now be spoilt for choice with a variety of Christmas cakes to try. You can’t of course beat homemade. Leading a busy life I sadly have little time for baking at home. When I saw that Delicious Alchemy were making a special edition free from Christmas cake mix I have to admit to being a tad excited. I was lucky to receive a sample pack to try and review on my blog.
So now for my review. I love the simple design of the packaging, with a small Christmas tree to the top. The only allergen advice to the back of the pack is a may contain traces of peanuts. So perfect for dairy free me. Oh it is also labelled as being suitable for vegetarians.
There are also clear simple instructions on how to make and bake the cake. Perfect for me and my little helper chef, my nephew Jon. We followed the instructions in each stage. We used Pure dairy free spread and choose the option of using 75mls of brandy.
It was quick and easy to blend the spread, brandy and eggs and added the packet mix. The ingredients mixed both quickly and easily. The aroma from the cake mix was definitely festive and the brandy just added that a little extra indulgence.
We then transferred the mixture to baking tin and waited the 1 hour 45 minutes. Jon couldn’t wait to see the baked cake and give it a try.
The cake cooked well and was eveningly baked. It was nice and moist, and had a lovely aroma from the dried fruit.
You may notice we had it plain our family doesn’t like marzipan and aren’t keen on icing. I couldn’t wait to dive in, so had a piece of cake slightly warm and then later cold. On biting the cake two textures were noted, this being slightly crunchy and dry to the top and moist inside. I enjoyed the high fruit content of the cake and was able to taste the various fruits that made up the cake. I felt that this contributed to it being moist inside. I felt that the cake was a tad rich for me and that I only needed a small slice. For an extra piece of indulgence this cake would work well either with the added addition of either ice cream, custard or cream to the side.

I would definitely recommend you give this Christmas cake mix a try if you follow a dairy and or gluten free diet. It’s a quick and simple way to enjoy a homemade cake for Christmas. If my nephew and I can bake it anyone can. So thank you Delicious Alchemy for producing a fab Christmas cake that I can easily make and enjoy.

Disclaimer: Delicious Alchemy sent me a free sample of this product to review. All the opinions are my own.