Review of Tyrell’s Hand Cooked English Crisps Furrows Sea Salted Flavour

I have to confess my favourite flavour of crisps is plain or salted. I discovered the Tyrell’s sea salted crisps the other day as they were on offer. Just because a packet of crisps is labelled as plain or salted doesn’t always make it suitable individual who follows a dairy and lactose free diet. I checked the label on the back of the packet which stated our ingredients: nothing artificial, gluten free, vegan friendly. The ingredients listed showed that they contained potatoes, sunflower oil and sea salt. Although not marketed as being dairy or lactose free they were clearly a suitable option for me to try.
Each bag weighs 150g. A 100g serving contains 476 calories, 23.9 g of fat 2.0g of sugar and 1g of salt. The crisps themselves had ridges, so a nice alternative to what I am used to eating. They were all of a good size. They did not leave a greasy residue on my fingers or mouth. There was a nice subtle hint of salt which in my opinion was spot on.
I really enjoyed these crisps so much so that I wanted to have them all to myself even though it was a large bag. I ate them over a couple of days and they did not lose any of their fresh taste or crunchiness. I will definitely be buying these crisps again. I would recommend that anybody who has a dairy or lactose free diet tries these. Well done Tyrell’s for producing a nice plain packet of crisps.


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