Review of Capacitea Infuser Mug

As a lady who loves who loves a nice cup of tea there is nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea from a teapot. Sadly, I recently broke my beloved Bodum infuser teapot. I am now on the hunt to replace this. I decided to try an infuser mug as alternative as it is only me that uses a teapot. So when I was lucky enough to get the chance to review Capacitea infuser mug I couldn’t wait to give it a try

Onto the packaging. The mug is placed securely in bubble wrapping inside a strong cardboard box. On the box is as a picture of the mug and simple picture instructions on how to use it. I liked the simple design to this glass mug, you have the subtle brand logo underneath and deep blue handle. More importantly you can clearly see the colour of you tea inside. As I often say sometimes simple is best.

The mug itself is very light, inside you have the infuser element which you can either place tea leaves or a teabag. You simply add the freshly boiled at the appropriate temperature place the lid on and infuse the tea as required. You then simply remove the lid and infuser to add milk if required prior to drinking. You can replace the lid to help keep the tea warm if you know that you might get distracted like me.

Onto the tea taste. I initially tried the mug with tea leaves. I placed these inside the infuser and added this to the mug and added the lid. I removed these after the relevant brewing time. The first thing I checked was for any rogue tea leaves inside, which I can sometimes got into the tea when I have used other infuser mugs. There weren’t any so a big thumbs up there. The second test was the handle I was concerned that this may have been hot but it was not affected by the tea inside, perfect. What I also liked about the handle was that it felt light and delicate. The glass in which the mug was made from was also delicate just like the handle. It therefore made for an enjoyable drinking experience, not quiet the same as drinking out of a teacup but not far of this. The lid certainly helped the tea keep its heat. That said I tried the mug without this and the tea remained hot for around 5 minutes, not bad.

One element I do not enjoy when using an infuser is cleaning it. Even when you tip away those tea leaves some can get left behind even after a quick rinse. This was not the case with this infuser, the smaller holes in it’s design seemed to prevent this. Another problem I have when cleaning any teacups or mugs is that I have all my tea milk free frequently leaving a stain behind. The ease of removing this varies from each cup or mug. There was minimal staining which was quick and easy to remove with this mug. I also the mug in the dishwasher all elements cleaned perfectly, so that was a massive thumbs up from me.

So would I recommend this infuser mug? Definitely it is easy to use and clean, and keeps the tea hot even without the lid. This mug will now be taking residency at work in the hope that I will be drinking more teas which are hot not like warm.

Disclaimer: I received this product for the purpose of this review. All of the opinions are honest and my own.


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