Review of Pinky Up Kendell Heart Glass Mug

As a lady who loves who loves a nice cup of tea there is nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea from a china teacup. My mum is always on the lookout for new tea related items that I can use as part of my tea reviews. On a recent trip to a local farm shop she discovered some tea ware items from a company called Pinky Up. She thought that they would perfect for me and very kindly bought me their Kendall double walled heart glass mug. Onto the packaging. I loved the colours and design of the box. It has a cream and rose gold theme. The company’s logo is to the top left of the box and in the centre is a picture of the mug filled with tea. To the bottom is a smaller picture highlighting the heart shape that is made from the tea inside the mug. The tea shown in the pictures is milk free so it is as if it has been designed with me in mind.
Review of Pinky Up Mug
Review of Pinky Up Mug
On opening the box the Pinky Up mug is placed securely in a specifically designed shape cardboard protector to stop the mug from breaking. Simple but effective. On taking the mug from the packaging I was surprised by just how light it is. It looks like it has a double walled layer to keep the warmth in. You can clearly see that there is a special design to the inside of the mug but you need to tip it slightly to ascertain that it is actually a heart. Onto the tea taste. The first test was did it impact on the flavour of the tea? I decided to have a green tea whist trying this mug. It tasted very much like it had when I had it in one of my china teacups. The bonus to this mug was that I could clearly see the colour of the tea. The second test was the handle I was concerned that this may have been hot but it was not affected by the tea inside, perfect. What I also liked about the handle was that it felt fairly delicate to support the style of the mug. The glass in which the mug was made from was also delicate just like the handle. It therefore made for an enjoyable drinking experience, not quite the same as drinking out of a teacup but not far of this.

One element I do not enjoy when using a delicate teacup is cleaning it. I have when I have all my tea milk free frequently leaving a tea stain behind. The ease of removing this varies from each cup or mug. Sadly this mug is not really suitable for the dishwasher. Luckily there was minimal staining which was quick and easy to remove with this mug even when washing it up by hand. So that was a massive thumbs up from me.

So would I recommend this mug? Definitely it is easy to use and clean, and keeps the tea hot. It makes for a fun way to enjoy a nice cup of tea. So thanks mum for a fab present that no doubt will be a regular feature in my future tea reviews. I may even have to treat myself to other Pinky Up products in the future.


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