Review of the Fabulous Freefrom Factory Dairy Free Chocovered Raisins

I really needed a chocolate fix the other day and just had to give into it. Now I have a few dairy and lactose free chocolates at home at the moment, the question was which one to have. I decided to go for these little gems. They are marketed as being dairy free and being suitable for a gluten free diet as well. They are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The packaging is predominately orange with a hint of purple and brown noted. There is a nice circular window allowing you to see the raisins inside. The bag weighs 75g and the nutritional information provided is for a 100g serving. A 100g serving contains 432 calories, 21.05g of fat, 45.5g of sugar and 0.0097g of salt.
On opening the bag I knew what to expect as I could see the chocolate covered raisins inside. I noted a subtle sweet aroma of the raisins with a hint of chocolate. The packaging describes the raisins as scrummy, yummy, juicy rolly raisins. To me that appeared to be a lot to live up to. The raisins were all coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate which did not melt in my fingers. On biting into the raisin I had to first go through the outside chocolate layer this was spot on. It was a nice deep chocolate flavour without being to strong as I sometimes personally find. This was then followed by the nice sweet and moist taste of the raisin underneath. The combination of the thick dark chocolate followed by the sweetness and moistness of the raisins was spot on. The description in the front of the packaging was spot on.
These make a wonderful sweet treat and definitely resolve a chocolate craving. I ate the raisins in one setting and just remembered to save a raisin for this post. So if you follow a dairy, lactose or gluten free diet, or are vegan I definitely recommend you give these little gems a try, I am sure you won’t regret it. So thank you Faboulous Freefrom Factory for producing a yummy sweet treat.


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