Review of Morrisons Free From Celebration Tray Bake

When I heard via social media that Morrisons had added tray bakes to their free from range I admit to being a little excited. They were not only gluten free but milk free and perfect for dairy free me. So I sent my dad out hunting to grab me one with the plan being that I could share it with my mum and nephew who are both gluten free. My dad popped into Morrisons and they were sold out so were obviously popular. My dad finally managed to get me the chocolate celebration tray bake to try. I couldn’t wait to give it a try and had it all to myself as my mum and nephew had managed to find several gluten free cakes on holiday to enjoy.

Onto the packaging. Well it’s in the same style of all of the other free from ranges in Morrisons with the green style packaging. What I liked about this packaging was that it had a clear film to the top which meant that you could see the tempting treat inside. Onto the ingredients it is clearly labelled as being both gluten free and milk free to the front of the packaging. On the ingredients list egg and soya are clearly in bold as allergens. There is a no may contain warning.

On opening the pack I was greeted by a nice sweet but artificial chocolatey aroma which was pleasant and stronger than I had anticipated. This did not change on my famous close up sniff test. The tray bake consisted of 2 clear layers the chocolate sponge underneath and a top chocolate butter icing style with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on the top. On biting into the cake the it had three textures which complimented each other nicely. On my initial bite I got the smoothness from the chocolate butter style icing intermingled with an intermittent crunch from the hundreds and thousands. This was proceeded by the chocolate flavoured sponge which was light and airy and slightly bouncy in texture. A pleasant surprise if I’m honest. However, the sponge was slightly crumbly which did result in some of the sponge separating from the rest of the cake when the it was cut. The combinations of textures worked really well and the hundreds and thousands added that little extra to the cakes texture. Onto the cakes flavour well the main chocolatey element came from the top layer. The actual sponge was a little bland in flavour if eaten in isolation but worked perfectly with the topping. I personally think that if the sponge had been more chocaoltely the cake would have been too rich. I loved the hundreds and thousands on the top. They were sweet but added a little extra to this tray bake.

So would I recommend this  free from chocolate tray bake? Yes I would I’m not surprised that they are popular. I enjoyed everything about this cake from its aroma through to its flavour and texture. I will definitely be buying this again. So if you follow a dairy free, and or gluten free diet why not give this tray bake a try.

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Review of Sainsbury’s Fizzy Fangs Sweets

Now I have to confess to not really having that much of a sweet tooth. Chocolate is my go to sweet treat. Every now and again I get the occasional craving for sweets. With food allergies you can’t just grab a packet and hope for the best you have to study the label. So when I dashed into a Sainsbury’s local a packet of fizzy fangs grabbed my attention. I saw the vegan label and hoped for the best. If I couldn’t have them I knew someone who would.

Ok liked the packaging of these sweets. The bright yellow packaging with a star and a crafty face smiling at you. Aimed at children maybe, but hey I’m a kid at heart. Onto the ingredients list wheat is clearly highlighted as an allergen and there is a no may contain warning. As mentioned earlier they are clearly labelled as being suitable for a vegan diet and were also suitable for dairy free me.

On opening the packet I was greeted by fang shaped sweets. They looked like great fun. They were eveningly coated in a sugary coating some of which was at the bottom of the packet. They smelt just like Haribo Tangtastics, slightly sweet yet sour at the same time. On biting into the sweet I got immediate sour hit, this followed by a slight sweetness and a hint of strawberry. As for the texture this was soft and slightly gooey but nice and different to your everyday Haribos. I quiet enjoyed it. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by these fangs.

So would I recommend these sweets if you follow a dairy free and or a vegan diet? Yes definitely. I loved the fun packaging and the taste and texture of this naughty treat. So thank you Sainsbury’s for producing a packet of sweet that I can enjoy.

Review of Lidl Bramley Apple Pies

On a recent trip to Lidl I found myself in their cake section. Now, if I’m honest I didn’t expect to find anything suitable for a dairy free diet. I was proved wrong as their own brand apple pies were indeed dairy free. There was only thing for it accidentally place them in my shopping basket to try later on as a sweet treat.

I liked the simplicity the bright green colour packaging. To front of the packaging is a picture of their apple pies, one of which is open with its apple contents cascading out. I just wanted to dive in and give them a try. Onto the ingredients list wheat, sodium metabisulphite and sulphur dioxide are highlighted as allergens in the ingredients list. There is also a may contain warning for nuts.

On opening the packaging I was greeted by an aroma that I associate with apple pies. This did not change on my famous close up sniff test. The apple pies are of a good size. To the top you have a slightly crunchy looking short crust pastry topped with a little dusting of sugar. This becomes thinner towards the bottom. On checking underneath a slight soggy bottom was noted. This got an immediate thumbs down from me as I don’t like a soggy bottom.

On biting into the apple pie I got a slight crunch followed by crumbliness then a slight sogginess from the pastry at the bottom of the pie. Onto the filling there was a good quantity of apple pieces coated in what I would describe as a lightly seasoned syrup. The apple was slightly crunchy and worked perfectly with the gluppy syrup. The flavour of the filling was very nice. It was slightly sweet from the syrup but this was nicely complimented by the slight tartness from the apple. I have to admit by being surprised by these apple pies. They were very nice but sadly their slight soggy bottom just let them down just a little.

So would I recommend these Lidl apple pies if you follow a dairy free diet? Yes I would despite the soggy bottom as it is great to be able to have an everyday apple pie. So thank you Lidl for producing an apple pie that I can have.

Review of Lidl Unsweetened Soya Milk

Well my mission to try some new dairy free milks has not been that successful. One of my favourite milks is soya only mainly because I personally find it easier to cook with. So when I saw that Lidl had their own unsweetened soya milk with their regular fresh milk I just had to give it a try.

I personally liked the packaging design with the red colouring to the top with the picture of milk being poured into a glass. The ingredients list is on the back of the carton with water, hulled soya beans, calcium phosphates, maltodextrin, stabilizer, gellan gum, natural flavouring noted. I’m intrigued to know what the natural flavouring is. The soya is clearly highlighted in bold as an allergen. There is no may contain warning. The milk is labelled as being dairy free and suitable for vegans.

On opening the carton I noted a slight nuttiness aroma to the milk. It poured easily into a glass and was the typical cream colour you get with soya milk. It was slightly thick in consistency but not creamy. On sipping the milk it was smooth in texture and tasted a little nutty very similar to other brands of soya milk I have previously tried. I warmed the milk for 90 seconds in the microwave ready for my famous Weetabix test. It microwaved well and did not separate, or form a skin to the top of the milk. It was absorbed easily by the weetabix. On tasting the Weetabix it tasted just as a Weetabix should the milk did not impact on its flavour. For me personally this is a big plus because a couple of milks that I have previously tried have made my Weetabix have a slight artificial sweet flavour.

So would I recommend this soya milk? Yes I would. The slightly nutty aroma and flavour was spot on. It wasn’t artificially sweet in flavour and had a nice consistency. So if you follow a dairy free or a vegan diet why not give this soya milk a try. So thank you Lidl for producing a soya milk that I can enjoy.

Review of Swedish Glace Dairy Free Vanilla Ice Cream Lollies

I have to confess to being a tad excited about the sudden availability of new vegan ice creams that are becoming readily available. My personal mission is of course to try as many as possible. So when I heard that Swedish Glace had launched a dairy free vanilla ice cream lolly I just had to give it a try.

I liked the simple blue packaging with the picture of the chocolate covered lolly revealing its ice cream underneath. I knew what to expect and couldn’t wait to open that box. Onto the ingredients the allergens are clearly highlighted in the with soya in bold. There is no may contain warning. They are clearly labelled as being suitable for a dairy free, gluten free, and a vegan diet.

On opening the box I was greeted by 5 medium sized lollies in a simple white packaging with gold hearts. I personally liked the design. On removing this you find a chocolate covered lolly. The initial aroma is that of chocolate with faint undertones of chocolate noted. This aroma remained the same on my famous close up sniff test and on eating the lolly. On biting into the lolly I got a nice crisp crunch from the chocolate coating followed by the soft smooth ice cream centre. Onto the taste the chocolate layer was just right it wasn’t too chocaolately and therefore didn’t overpower the ice cream underneath. The flavour of the ice cream was spot on its subtle vanilla flavour that was clearly present but without being to artificial or overpowering the chocolate coating. If I am brutally honest I would have liked the chocolate coating to have been a little thicker. The subtle vanilla flavour worked well in combination with the chocolate outer coating. The combination of textures from the slight crunchiness of the outside chocolate layer and the smooth ice cream inside worked really well together.

So would I recommend these ice cream lollies? Yes I would. I enjoyed everything about these from their crunchy yet smooth texture and their subtle vanilla flavour. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free, or a vegan why not give these lollies a try. So thank you Swedish Glacé for producing these lollies. I am sure that these lollies will make both adults and children alike very happy.

Review of Alpro Go On Strawberry & Raspberry Yogurt

When I heard that Alpro were adding some new flavours to their Go On yogurts I have to confess to being a tad excited. So of course I had to buy a pot of the new strawberry and raspberry Go On yogurt to try.

I liked the style of the packaging. It is a simple round pot with the Go On logo on the side . On the lid there is a small simple illustration of the summer berries underneath a very tempting picture of the yogurt. Onto the ingredients list. The yogurt is clearly labelled as being suitable for a dairy free, gluten free and vegan diet. The only allergen listed is soya. There is a may contain warning for nuts.

On opening the yogurt I was greeted by a thick creamy yogurt. I was a little disappointed by the lack of aroma I was expecting to smell summer fruits. Instead I got a neutral aroma one would expect from a plain yogurt. The yogurt clearly consists of two layers the thick cream layer to the top and a compote style layer underneath consisting of strawberries and raspberries. On diving into the yogurt top layer is thick yet slightly creamy in texture. It has a nice neutral or what may be described as plain flavour. Underneath you get what I would describe as a fruit compote. This slightly sticky in consistency. The flavour of the compote was sweet with a slight tart undertone noted and the flavour reminded me of a summer pudding. The two layers mixed perfectly well together to produce a perfect pink creamy yogurt. The two flavours and texture of this yogurt work really well together. It sounds strange but it reminded me of eating the top two layers of a cheesecake. A bonus as it has a lot fewer calories. If I’m being picky I would perhaps liked just a little more of the berries.

So would I recommend this yogurt? Yes I would. In summary it’s nice to have a nice thicker and creamier yogurt that is dairy free. So if you are dairy free, gluten free or a vegan diet why not give this yogurt a try. So thank you Alpro for producing a new yogurt that I can enjoy.

Review of Smoky Bacon Popchips Ridges

I quickly popped into Waitrose to grab a few essentials. Somehow I found myself drawn to their crisps aisle. Most flavoured crisps are not an option for a dairy free diet. I saw a new band of snacks called Popchips ridges that caught my attention. I noticed that were labelled as gluten free and some were also vegan. I saw a bacon flavour and decided to give them a try.

I liked the simple black packaging with hints of purple. The picture of bacon to the left and popchip ridges made me want to dive straight in. Onto the ingredients list there are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list and there is no may contain warning. They are labelled as being gluten free and suitable for a vegan diet.

On opening the packet I was greeted by a an aroma that I associate with barbecue crisps not the aroma of bacon that I was expecting. This did not change on my famous close up sniff test. What did strike me was that the bottom of the packaging had a powdery residual, a little off-putting if I’m honest. The popchips ridges themselves were of a good size and had a good scattering of flavouring on them. However, they looked like mini rice cakes. On picking the up the popchips ridges they left a slight powdery residual on my fingers. Not very nice. On biting into the popchips ridges a nice light crunch was noted, just like eating a rice cake. As for the flavour well if I am honest was a little disappointing it wasn’t bacon more like barbecue.

So would I recommend this snack if you follow a dairy free, gluten free, or a vegan diet? No, I wouldn’t. Their flavour and powdery residual just let them down. Sorry popchip ridges but I have tried much nicer snacks that are an alternative to crisps they just were not for me.