Review of Tetley Indulgence Gingerbread Tea

As a tea blogger I am on the constant look out for new teas to try. As the nights are now drawing in and autumn has well and truly arrived I decided to find some new spiced teas to try. Whist shopping I stumbled across Tetley’s new Indulgence range of teas. I saw a packet of gingerbread tea within this range so decided to give it a try.

Onto the packaging I liked the design of the packaging its colour scheme just reminded me of autumn. I liked the little designs integrated into the packaging the cheeky gingerbread man, heaters stars and circles again in autumnal colours. It certainly caught my attention. Onto the ingredients black tea (91%) and natural flavourings are listed. On a personal note I wish that there was more detail as to what exactly the natural flavourings is. No allergens are highlighted and there is a no may contain warning.

On opening the box I was greeted by 20 individual wrapped bags. I like this as it means that you place one in your bag and have it on the go. Or as an alternative when you politely decline an everyday tea. On opening the tea wrapped bags I was a little disappointed to say the least. I was expecting a delightful aroma of gingerbread instead all I got was the aroma of everyday black tea. The aroma didn’t change on my close up sniff test.

I placed the teabag in my teacup and added freshly boiled water. The teabag soon infused with the hot water and it changed a medium brown colour. I let the tea infuse for 2 minutes as I have my tea medium weak and milk free. I was soon hit with the aroma that I associate with gingerbread biscuits. The aroma from the black tea was slightly overtaken by this but for me personally this really didn’t matter. The aroma slightly intensified slightly on my close up sniff test. On sipping the tea it tasted like a nice every day black tea with definite undertones of the gingerbread noted. This was very pleasant without it being to strong or artificial. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised by this tea my initial disappointment on opening the wrapped bags soon disappeared. The aroma and flavour of this tea just reminded me of autumn.

So would I recommend this gingerbread tea? Yes I would. Its aroma and flavour make for a nice everyday tea with a twist that it is perfect for the colder weather. So thank you Tetley for producing a nice every day tea with a twist that I can enjoy.


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