Review of Tesco’s free from cheese flavour nachos

Every now and again I fancy nachos as a savoury treat. Sadly many are not dairy free so it can be a difficult finding ones to try. On my recent visit to The Allergy and Free From Show in London I popped along to the Tesco’s stand and discovered their new free from cheese flavoured nachos. They were proving to be very popular so I tried some quickly and was impressed. However as I was multitasking with my food tasting I needed to buy a packet to try to do a fair review.
I loved the vibrant colours of the packaging with its simple purple colour scheme and the inviting nachos that make you just want to try one. The packet is clearly labelled as being a free from product. It is both gluten and milk free. Oh it is suitable for vegetarians. There are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list.
On opening the packet I got a slightly cheesy aroma. It reminded me slightly of wotsits but not as strong. On picking up a nacho it was coated in a bright orange coating. A little off putting for me if I’m honest but I thinks it’s because I’m used to flavoured nachos. To be fair I knew it wasn’t made from natural ingredients and was a new treat so I put that thought aside. I then checked the bottom of the bag as I now do with any nachos or tortilla chips that I try. There was no greasy residual was noted but there was some remiments of the flavouring noted. On biting into the nachos there was one consistent texture apparent. This was nice and crunchy. To me it was as if I was eating an everyday flavoured tortilla chip. Other gluten free brands that I have tied have been a bit powdery in texture. These definitely didn’t taste like they were gluten free. To prove this my other had some and he had no idea that they were a free from product. Onto the flavour this was a treat in itself. The nachos had a cheesy taste with quiet a strong hit of garlic. After consuming a few I checked my fingers there was a fair amount of flavouring residual had been left on my fingers. It wasn’t greasy it just meant that I had to lick my fingers. I personally feel that you only need a small portion of these. I did carried away initially and ate too many. For a while later all I could taste was garlic.

So would I recommend these free from nachos? Yes, I would. I really enjoyed them. I would recommend that they are only eaten in small quantities to avoid the garlicky after taste. So if you are dairy free like me or follow a gluten free diet why not give these a try. Thank you Tesco’s for producing a nice packet of cheesy nachos that both my mum and I can enjoy as a naughty treat.


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