Review of Tesco’s free from soya yogurt

I first tried Tesco’s soya yogurts whilst on holiday as we had an online shopping delivery. They come in several varieties and two sizes. I have yet to try all of the flavours or sizes, but hope to in the near future. I have only tried the small size so far but thought I would share my views in an attempt to keep my blog up to date. You and get a packet of 4 yogurts for £1.50. Each pot is 100g has 85 calories, 12.3g of sugar, 2.1g of fat and 120mg of calcium. You can get them in differing flavours including raspberry and passion fruit, mango and lemon flavour. I have only tried raspberry and passion fruit, and lemon so far. They were reasonably thick and creamy in texture. Both flavours had a nice subtle taste whilst not tasting either too sweet or artificial in flavour. I was disappointed by the lack of fruit in the raspberry and passion fruit. I preferred the lemon flavour which had just the right amount of lemon rind incorporated into the yogurt.


My tips: The regular small pack of 4 are great for lunch boxes, their size means that they can fit into most lunch boxes and make a nice mid-day dessert. I added fresh fruit to the raspberry and passion fruit yogurt as it made the yogurt go further and made a more substantial dessert. The lemon dessert is best eaten with no added extras and tastes more like a grown up yogurt. In summary I will definitely buy these yogurts in the future just to try the remaining flavours so that I know that I am not missing out. They will also give me another back up option if my favourite yogurts are not available.


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