Review of Tyrrells Sweet Chilli and Red Pepper Crisps

I stupidly forget to take my old faithful Pom-Bear crisps to work the other day. I had my sandwich and yogurt but no crisps and I was very hungry on this particular day. I was going to pop to the shops when a work colleague offered me a packet of crisps from their secret work supply. These consisted of Tyrrells crisps one of which was their sweet chilli and red pepper crisps. I had not tried these before and didn’t expect to be able to have them but checked them in the of chance. Anyhow, I checked the crisps and they were both dairy and gluten free. I have to admit to being a tad excited and this more than made up for me leaving my Pom-Bears at home.
Onto the packaging I liked red packaging and loved the picture of three fireman holding a chilli. Onto the ingredients list no allergens are highlighted ingredients and there is no may contain warning. They are labelled as being gluten free. Oh they are also labelled as being suitable for a vegan diet.
On opening the crisps I noted an aroma which I would describe as being similar to that of tomato with a kick of chilli. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. The crisps had an even distribution of flavouring noted on them. On biting into the crisps there was a nice crunch noted. Onto the flavour I could definitely taste the chilli they certainly had a kick to them. The pepper seemed to be lacking and I thought I could taste a hint of tomato followed by garlic. Not as expected but plesant nether the less. Onto a positive note the crisps had a nice crunch and didn’t leave any greasy or powdery residual on my fingers. This is personally a big bonus for me.
So would I recommend these crisps? Yes I would. The flavour wasn’t quiet as I had expected but it was pleasant. They were not greasy, had a good crunch and didn’t leave a powdery residual on my fingers. Most of all it was great to have a flavoured packet of crisps that I can enjoy. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free or a vegan diet why not give these crisps a try. So thank you Tyrrells for producing a flavoured packet of crisps that I can have.


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