Review of Vasilissa Wild Forest Honey With Cinnamon

I am always on the lookout for new sweet treats to enjoy alongside a nice cup of tea. This can sometimes be tough when you follow a dairy free diet. If I am honest I tend to eat the same things which often is my bourbon biscuits. I may occasionally have a free from cake as a treat. So when I was asked if I would like to try Vasilissa organic honey I of course said yes. Vasilissa is a high quality 100% pure organic honey produced and certified according to the standards of organic agriculture from wild herbs in the mountains of Greece. They produce a collection of honey with and the one that I received to review was  the wild forest honey with cinnamon.

Onto the packaging I loved the simple design of white box that contained the jar of honey. To the top was a nicely tied brown ribbon below this was a description of the honey and a cut out window showing the brands logo. To the back there was also a window allowing you to see the inviting honey inside. Secure inside the with box was the square jar of honey. I was expecting a round jar so this was a pleasant surprise.

Onto the ingredients list honey 98% and cinnamon sticks 2% are listed. There are no allergens highlighted and there is no may contain warning.

On taking the honey out of the jar via a teaspoon I immediately liked the dark amber colour. I could clearly see a whole cinnamon stick integrated into the honey. Onto the aroma it was smoky yet slightly woody at the same time, not floral as I had anticipated. I initially tried the honey by itself. The first thing that immediately struck me was its sweetness, it was by far the sweetest honey that I have tried to date. The flavours then started to kick in it was a more heavy intense combination of smokiness intermingled with oak, pine and cinnamon. The combinations of flavours complimented each other perfectly and resulted in a rich indulgent honey. Onto to the texture I was surprised just how thick and firm in consistency it was when comparing to other honeys that I have previously tried.

I had the honey on toast with a cup of tea as a crafty afternoon snack. The strength of the honeys sweetness and its thick consistency meant that only a little was needed when comparing it other honeys that I have previously tried. It made a delicious change to my normal go to treat of peanut butter on toast. I think it will be great to have just a little of this honey topped on a porridge or a plain yogurt or as a sweetener in a cup of milk free tea.

So would I recommend this honey? Yes definitely. I liked everything about this honey from its packaging through to its aroma, flavour and texture. So why not give this honey a try. Thank you Vasilissa for producing a delicious honey that I can enjoy.

Disclaimer: I received this honey in return for an honest review. All of the opinions are honest and my own.

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