National Biscuit Shortage

When I woke up this morning I briefly read about the national biscuit shortage here in the UK. It caught my attention because it mentioned ginger nut biscuits. These are a back up to my normal favourites of bourbon biscuits. I didn’t think anymore of it. However, it is more serious than I thought. They seem to be disappearing quickly. Being dairy free I am restricted to the biscuits that I can safely enjoy. My favourite biscuits are bourbons. They are part of my weekly shop. I stock up and take them on all my holidays. I always eat them on a plane journey and when others are enjoying their cakes or treats out come my old faithful bourbons.

I wrote a previous post sharing the results of my research to find safe dairy free bourbons for me to enjoy. The only ones I found were Waitrose and Tesco’s own brand. Waitrose are my all time favourite. I popped into a local Tesco’s to stock but they had none. Next onto Waitrose, exactly the same.

Am I am going to have to resort to ebay and pay a fortune for my staple treats ? I have had them every week for as long as I can remember. I will feel lost without out them, this may seem strange to many, but they are my safe treat that I never tire of. If you have any safe alternative biscuits I can try please let me know. I would be really grateful, Chloe.


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