Review of New York Company Sesame Bagels

I tend to get bored of having sandwiches on a daily basis for lunch and often seek out alternative is to enjoy. One of these being in the form of a bagel. Although I have to confess they must be toasted as I personally don’t like them cold.
I was drawn to those bagels primarily because of their packaging. It prompted a distant memory of a lovely holiday in New York. On checking the ingredients they were milk free had no dairy derivatives and was suitable for vegans. So of course I had to give them a try. One bagel contains 240 calories, 2.6g of fat 4.3g of sugar and 0.7g of salt. On cutting the bagel in half there was a clear combination of two textures just noted. The smooth outside with the top coated in crunchy sesames with the inside being light and fluffy and slightly bouncy to touch. I placed the bagel into the toaster on the bagel setting. They toasted pretty quickly and eveningly. The inside of the bagel was nice and crunchy to bite into whilst being soft and slightly fluffy still in texture. Whilst the outside remained the same. I would describe the flavour as being pretty neutral a bit like biting into a nice white loaf of bread. I personally liked this. I like the fact that they are plain in flavour but you get the extra bonus of the crunch of sesame seeds on the outside.
I have tried those bagels with both sweet and savoury fillings and both have worked well. So if you follow a dairy and or lactose free diet or vegan I recommend that you give these a try.


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