Review of Sainsbury’s Free From 4 Cherry & Almond Slices

Well it was a work colleagues birthday at work this week, this can mean only one thing, cakes. Now, my work colleagues are very understanding about my diet and if sweet or savoury treats are bought into the office, they always take this into account. This time this meant a selection of Mr Kippling cakes and a packet of free from cakes that were dairy and lactose free. The packaging is the classic Sainsbury’s free from range, with a little window built in which reveals the cakes inside. They are clearly labelled as dairy, wheat and gluten free. A check of the ingredients shows they are milk free and have almond, egg and sulphur dioxide highlighted as allergens. One slice contains 144 calories, 7.9g of fat, 9.4g of sugar and 0.04g of salt.
On opening the packaging you get a sealed packet containing 2 slices, so that the others are kept fresh once the packet is open. To me they look just like a bakewell slice. You get 3 clear layers to the slice, the top which is coated in a good quantity of a scattering of almonds, underneath is a sponge layer and to the middle of this is a section of jam. To be honest I couldn’t wait to dive in. On biting into the slice the first thing that struck me was the combination of textures from the slightly crunchy top combined with the slight crunch but then moist texture from the almonds. Then onto the sponge below. This was nice and moist with a nice bounce and a slight crumblieness noted, the flavour was pretty non description but personally I liked this as it didn’t spoil the other elements of the slice. Finally, into the middle came the jam, this gave a slightly sweet and nice sticky texture to the cake. My only complaint was this was only went half way through the slice and wasn’t enough. I personally expected it to go all the way through.
I really enjoyed this slice the combination of flavours and textures were spot on. It was one of the nicest pre packed free from cakes that I had eaten. I was unit ably impressed. In fact I even preferred to the Sainsbury’s pecan tarts, and I didn’t think that I would say that! The proof that it was such a nice cake was the fact that my work colleagues had a slice to and really enjoyed it. In fact they said that they would never have guessed it was a free from cake, and I think that says it all. So a massive thank you to Sainsbury’s for producing a wonderful enjoyable free from cake. So go on if you you follow a dairy, lactose, gluten or wheat free diet give these little gems a try. The only downside is unlike most other free from sweet treats I eat like them to, which means they have to be shared.


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