Review of Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea

I am a girl who loves my cups of earl grey tea. It is my tea of choice and I am always on the lookout for new teas to try. I was pleasantly surprised by Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference earl grey tea. As I was running low on earl grey tea I decicided to try their decaffeinated version.

I Liked the purple and grey packaging simple but it somehow caught my attention. Onto the ingredients decaffeinated tea and natural bergamot is listed. No allergens are highlighted and there is no may contain warning. The tea is also clearly labelled as being fair trade.

On opening the box I was greeted by a sealed foil package containing the teabags. I like this as it keeps the tea nice and fresh. On opening the package there was an aroma of what I would describe as regular every day black tea. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. However, on smelling an individual teabag close up this aroma seemed to be significantly weaker. I was a little disappointed by this as I had expected to smell the aroma of bergamot. I placed my teabag in my teacup and added the freshly boiled hot water to let the tea infuse with the hot water for the recommended brewing time. The tea infused with the hot water and turned to a medium brown colour. But what about the aroma? It predominantly smelt like an everyday black tea with only a very faint hint of bergamot noted. On my close up sniff test the aroma didn’t change. If I was doing a blind test I’m sure that I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish as being an earl grey tea. On sipping the tea it tasted like an every day black tea with a very faint hint of a slightly chemically bergamot flavour noted.

So would I recommend this earl grey tea?  I’m afraid not I simply didn’t enjoy anything about this tea from its aroma through to its flavour. Sorry Sainsbury’s but this tea just wasn’t for me.

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Review of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Earl Grey Fairtrade Fine Tea

One of my favourite teas has to be earl grey. As a lady who enjoys her cups of tea on a daily basis I am always on the lookout for new teas to try. I have tried a couple of Sainsbury’s fruit and herbal teas and really enjoyed them. So when someone at work decided to buy their earl grey tea in I just had to give it a try.
I liked the design of the box. It was simple dark blue to the bottom and a grey what I would describe as a wallpaper design to the top. It was looking promising I checked the ingredients to the teabags and it was interesting, black tea that has been aromatised with bergamot. I’ve not seen this as a description for teabags before.
On opening the box there were two separate sections of tea in sealed foil. This was a positive trying to keep the tea fresh and seal the flavour and aroma in. On Sniffing the teabagd a hint of bergamot was noted although it was not as strong as I had expected.
Onto the teabags they looked like a normal standard run of the mill supermarket teabag. I placed the teabag in my cup and added the boiling water. There was a subtle but not overpowering aroma of bergamot that I associate with earl grey. The hot water soon changed to the medium weak brown colour I like for my tea.
On sipping the tea I could definitely taste the bergamot and it tasted like earl grey should. It didn’t taste to strong or as if an artificial flavouring had been added which I have previously experienced with other teas. I enjoyed this tea and found it to be refreshing and it hit the spot nicely.

So would I recommend this tea, yes as an everyday tea. I personally didn’t find it as enjoyable as Twinings but it is a pleasant tea to enjoy at work. It is also great that it is a fairtrade tea, which is always a bonus for me. So thank you Sainsbury’s for producing a reasonably priced fairtrade earl grey tea.