Review of Sainsbury’s Basics Crunchy Peanut Butter

Well I developed a craving for some peanut butter at work the other day. It was a persistent craving that wouldn’t disappear. So I had jump into my car to the local Sainsbury’s and hunt down some peanut butter. This was now going to be my lunch. I decided to go for their basics range as it was going to be an emergency snack at work.
1 tablespoon contains 134 calories, 11.8g of fat, 0.7g of sugar and 0.15g of salt. The only allergen highlighted in bold is peanuts. It is suitable for vegans and my dairy and lactose free diet, perfect. The packaging recommends it had 17 servings, but I personally think that is being optimistic. On opening the jar there was a nice aroma of peanuts noted. The peanut butter itself looked very inviting a typical light tan clour which was smooth in appearance with chunks of peanuts noted.
On eating the peanut butter I could definitely taste the peanuts. It was nice and smooth with an intermittent crunch noted from the nuts. I have to bring please being suprised by this peanut butter. As a cheap own brand version I wasn’t expecting much. I really enjoyed and found it comparable to cheaper brands. So if like me you follow a milk free diet, why not give this a try I am sure that you won’t be disappointed. So thank you to Sainsbury’s for producing a cheap emergency or not so as the case may be snack.


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