Review of Twinings Redbush Tea

My mission to reduce my caffeine intake is now going well after a little blip at the end of last year. My mum, who I have inherited my love of tea from enjoys her rooibos tea and drinks goodness knows how many cups a day. So I thought it was about time I tried some new rooibos tea to enjoy with my mum. I happened to stumble across some Twinings redbush tea at a recent buffet breakfast. So I have to confess to taking a packet home to try.
I liked the vibrant orange colour of the packet with the orange, yellow and white leaf design. Onto the ingredients nothing was listed on the back of the packet. So I popped online and checked the Twinings website. Very disappointing no ingredients were listed. So onto the Amazon website I went. Only pure redbush is listed and there is no may contain warning.
On opening the packet there was a nice woody aroma was noted, or what I would expect from a good rooibos tea. This did not change on the close up sniff test. The teabag was a little darker in colour than I expected with a slight red tinge to it. I added the teabag to my teacup and added the hot water and let it infuse as instructed. It didn’t seem to take long for the tea to infuse with the hot water. It soon turned a dark cherry/brown colour. Onto the aroma of this tea a subtle woodiness was noted that was spot on. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. On sipping the tea there were subtle undertones of both woodiness and grassiness noted. This was lightly stronger than I had anticipated but was a big plus for this tea as it was no to strong and overpowering. It was quiet pleasant and overall was a nice refreshing tea.
So would I recommend this rooibos tea? Yes I would. It is one of the nicer everyday redbush teas that I have tried. It had a pleasant aroma and flavour and was a nice refreshing caffeine free tea. So thank you Twinings for producing a nice redbush tea that I can enjoy.


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