Review of Twinings Earl Grey Tea

I’m known for being a bit of a tea addict. Being dairy and lactose free has not impacted upon this at all for me. I choose to have all of my teas without milk. I personally find what I would call the normal typical black teas are often quite strong and bland to enjoy. So I am always looking out for alternatives to try. However, I always have my faithful staple of Twinings Earl Grey Tea in the kitchen at home. In fact it’s probably one of the most common teas I choose when out and about also.
I enjoy the the familiar aroma bergamot on opening the box. On placing the teabag in the hot water it takes a couple of minutes for the tea to change the medium brown colour that I like. On infusing there is a slight aroma of bergamot. For me personally this is just about right as it’s not too strong or artificial and you don’t have to really sniff the hot water to notice it.
I would recommend that anyone who likes their tea without milk give it a try.


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