Now I am bit partial to garlic bread and make my own as it can be quiet difficult to find ready made garlic bread that is dairy free. So when someone at work suggested that I look at supermarket own brand value bread as these can be dairy free I thought I should take a look. So when I popped in Tesco’s I checked their value garlic bread in the chilled cabinet and sure enough I could have it. After emitting out a little excited yelp I placed it into my shopping basket to give it a try.
I liked the packaging as it is simple like the rest of their value range, with a hint of green noted. You can clearly see the bread inside which I have to say looked very tempting. Onto the ingredients list, wheat is highlighted and there is no may contain warning. It is also labelled as being suitable for a vegan diet, although I personally think that this is not that obvious.
On opening the packet I was immediately hit by a pleasant aroma of garlic with a hint of mixed herbs. This did not change on my famous close up sniff test. I placed the baguette in the oven and cooked the dough it as instructed. Once cooked the aroma of the garlic to intensify slightly and seemed to mask the smell of the mixed herbs. I tore the baguette into a couple of sections and undertook my close up sniff test. At this point I was able to smell a faint undertone of the mixed herbs intermingled with the garlic.
I couldn’t wait to dive into this baguette. It looked nice and crunchy to the outside and light and fluffy inside. On biting into the baguette it was indeed crunchy on the outside (but not too much) and had a lighter fluffy texture inside followed by the slight moistness from the margarine. The texture was perfect, it must have been the way I cooked it. Onto the flavour this the garlic element was definitely the prominent flavour but it was a subtle flavour and wasn’t’ too strong. This was intermingled with a hint of mixed herbs.
So would I recommend this value garlic baguette? Yes I certainly would. I was surprised by its textures and its flavour. They were both spot on. I will no doubt be having many more of these baguettes in the future. So if you follow a dairy free and or vegan diet give this garlic baguette a try I’m sure that you will be pleasantly surprised. So thank you Tesco’s for producing a delicious garlic baguette that I can enjoy.


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