I have been trying more rooibos tea lately in an ongoing attempt to reduce my caffeine intake. My mum recently treated me to a packet teapigs winter spice red tea. I couldn’t wait to dive in and give them a try as it seemed like the perfect tea to enjoy during the colder months.
Onto the packaging well it is typical of all of the teapigs tea in a brown cardboard box, which allows you to see the tea temples inside. I find this a tad dull if I’m honest. However, what I did like about this particular tea was the picture of the snowman with a big smile and claret top hat.
The tea is made primarily from rooibos, natural flavourings and contains orange peel, ginkgo leaves, orange blossom, cinnamon, ginseng, cloves and safflower petals. There are no allergens highlighted in the ingredients list, and no may contain warning. However, they are made in a factory that handles nuts.
I opened the box and what immediately struck me was their aroma. It was stronger than I anticipated but highly inviting. It reminded me of winter. I could definitely smell the aroma of the orange and cinnamon with a subtle undertone of cloves noted. It smelled wonderful but would this aroma remain once the tea was infused with some hot water? I placed the tea in my cup and let it infuse with freshly boiled hot water as instructed. The water soon changed to a medium brown colour. The aroma from the tea intensified as it infused with the water and this didn’t change on my famous close sniff test. I felt like I was going to maybe trying a non alcoholic mulled wine. Sadly, I was not on ski slope but in front of a nice fire instead. It recommends topping up the tea with hot frothy milk. However, as I am dairy free I tried mine milk free. On sipping the tea I was a little surprised I expected the flavours of the tea to be much stronger due to its delightful aroma. However, I think that this may have been a tad unfair. I could definitely taste the orange and cinnamon, this was followed by the subtle clove element to this tea. I struggled to taste the ginseng, gingko leaves and safflower petals. That said the flavours of this tea worked really well with the slight woodiness from the rooibos. It is a nice comforting drink for when it’s cold and outside.
So would I recommend this tea? Yes, I would. I enjoyed both the aroma and flavour of this tea. So thank you teapigs for producing a nice decaffeinated tea that can be enjoyed during the winter months.


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