Well on my quest to reduce my caffeine intake I have been slowly working my through a variety of fruit and herbal teas. As I am currently on my holiday this has meant trying alternatives to my old faithful earl grey tea. A couple of the cafes that I have visited serve Teapigs tea. I often opt for their mint tea because I really enjoy it. However, I decided to take the plunge and try some of Teapigs other flavours. I opted for their chamomile flower tea as chamomile seems to be a tea of choice for me at the moment.

The first thing that struck me about the tea temple or the style of the teabag was the flowers inside. It was the first chamomile tea that I have tried that contained actual chamomile flowers as opposed to shredded leaves. On adding the hot water to the teacup the water changed to a pale yellow colour. I noted the typical grassy aroma that I use to describe chamomile tea. This was slightly stronger than other chamomile teas that I have tried. I choose to keep the tea temple in the hot water allowing it to continue to infuse. On sipping the tea I could clearly taste a delicate grassy flavour that was light yet refreshing. This was then followed by a soothing sensation in my stomach.

So would I recommend Teapigs chamomile flower tea temples yes I would. The tea has a pleasant aroma with a subtle grassy flavour. It was light and refreshing to drink and produced a soothing sensation in my stomach. It is one of the nicest chamomile teas I have tried. I will definitely be buying this tea again.


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