I popped into a local hotel the other day with a friend to catch up and enjoy a nice hot drink. The hotel had a Starbucks my friend had her usual coffee and I opted for their Tazo chamomile tea. I am not really sure why I chose this particular tea. I am still trying to reduce my caffeine intake and normally in the afternoon I would opt for a mint tea, but this tea just seemed to grab my attention.

I tend to have the small mugs in Starbucks as they are always seem large to me but as I knew that we may be a little while I opted for their large mug.

The teabag looked a little disappointing compared to other chamomile teas that I have tried. It looked similar to other cheap brands of chamomile tea to me. Perhaps this is a tad harsh but I have had other Tazo teas which I have really enjoyed and high expectations with this tea. What was also noticeable was the lack of aroma, there really wasn’t one even one. I was disappointed by this I know that I was having a large mug, but I kept the teabag in the mug to infuse with the hot water and it made no difference. I sipped the tea and well there was no real flavour evident it was bland and weak. I regularly enjoy a chamomile tea but this I would struggle to say it smelt or tasted as a chamomile tea should. I am sorry to say that I found this tea to be a tad bland.

I’m sorry Tazo but I was really disappointed by this chamomile tea. It simply lacked any aroma or flavour. It just didn’t compare to your other teas that I have tried. I therefore wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wishes to try a chamomile tea.


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