Review of Sainsbury’s free from gingerbread man biscuit

I had to pop into a Sainsbury’s Local the other day and found a small free form section. I fancied something sweet to have with a nice cup of tea and discovered this free from gingerbread man biscuit. It also happened to be on offer which made it even more tempting so into my shopping basket it went.
The biscuit itself is a comparable size to that found in other supermarkets. Each biscuit contains 144 calories, 5.3g of fat 11.3g of sugar and 0.17g of salt. Initially I broke a piece off of its leg of expecting it to be hard and crunchy. In fact it was the complete opposite it was soft and broke off easily from the rest of the biscuit. This surprised me as I always expected a gingerbread biscuit to be hard and crunchy. I did not let this put me off and I started to eat into the biscuit. The biscuit was nice and soft and moist in texture. There was a nice subtle hint of ginger without it being too overpowering. Once I had bitten into the biscuit I found it quite moorish and it was very easy to finish. To be honest if I did not know that it was a free from biscuit I could never have told that it was gluten and or wheat free. It was the perfect size for a treat to go with a nice cuppa tea. Would I have it again, yes I would.


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