Review of Sainsbury’s Blackcurrant Infusion Tea

I have to confess to not trying many fruit or herbal teas for my blog. This may point to the fact that I am a little bit of a caffeine addict, who knows. It also proves that being dairy and or lactose free doesn’t stop you enjoying a nice cup of tea. So to try and even the balance of the variety of teas, I thought I should try Sainsbury’s blackcurrant infusion tea.
On opening the packaging I was immediately hit by the aroma of blackcurrant, which stayed even once the box was open. This was a nice comforting smell,like Ribena. I put the teabag in a mug and added freshly boiled hot water. It did not take long for the water to change to a nice shade of purple.
The aroma that came from the mug, reminded me more of the hot Ribena I had as a treat when growing up. It was spot on, as it didn’t smell artificially strong. I could definitely taste the blackcurrant on sipping the tea, again the flavour was spot on. I kept my teabag in the mug and didn’t remove it. I really enjoyed this tea and found it both comforting and refreshing. If like me you drink your teas milk free, then I recommend you give this a try. Intact I think most people would enjoy this tea, unless of course they don’t like blackcurrant. Well done Sainsbury’s for producing an enjoyable fruit tea.


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