Review of Proper Corn Sweet & Salty Popcorn

Whilst in the free from section in Tesco’s I decided to have a quick look to see if there were any new products to try. I immediately saw the Proper Corn popcorn perched at the end of the aisle. It was clearly marketed as being gluten, wheat free and suitable for vegans. It is quite difficult to find flavoured popcorn which is suitable for a dairy and lactose free diet. As this was in the free from section I thought I would check just in case. On checking the ingredients list on the back of the packaging I did a little secret Jig as I realised that I would be able to give them a try. So I popped them into my shopping basket for a later date to try. Since purchasing the popcorn I have also seen some small packets by the express tills in Tesco’s and also in Cafe Nero. So I am guessing that they are becoming a pretty popular option.
I purchased a large packet which is weighed 90g. A 30g serving contains 129 calories, 8.4 g of sugar, 4.7g of fat and 0.15g of sodium. On opening the packet of popcorn most of the Kernels were popped. They were slightly golden and appearance looking sweet and tempting to enjoy. On biting into the popcorn I got the immediate contrast of both the sweet and savoury flavours. They worked perfectly in combination. I found them to be highly enjoyable and very moorish. Luckily I had filled a small bowl up with the popcorn and put the rest of the packet away otherwise I have a feeling I may have emptied the whole packet in one sitting. I returned to the appropriate food cupboard a few days later to have a further portion of popcorn sadly it was all gone. My other half had also really enjoyed the popcorn and took it upon himself to finish the packet. It may not be one of the cheapest packets of popcorn you can purchase but I would definitely say it’s worth the money. I will definitely buy further packets in the future and confessed to have already consumed one of the small ones that I saw by the express till.


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