Review of Metcalfe’s Skinny Sea Salt Popcorn

Now I have to confess to being a popcorn addict as it makes a great alternative to a packet of crisps. It is also often a safe dairy free treat for me to enjoy. On a quick dash to Sainsbury’s for a sandwich I noticed that Metcalfe’s Skinny charity sea salt popcorn was part of the meal deal. So I grabbed a packet as part of the lunch deal. I didn’t have time to check the ingredients but I knew that my other half would eat it if it was not safe for me.
Review of Metcalfe's Sea Salt Popcorn
I liked the packaging of this popcorn from the light blue colouring with the popcorn looking like they were popping out of the top of
a pink boat with a piece of popcorn in an inflatable ring next to it. On the back of the packaging it is clearly labelled as being gluten free and suitable for vegans. The ingredients listed are popped butterfly corn (75%), rapeseed oil and sea salt. There are no allergens highlighted in the ingredients list and no may contain warning.
Review of Metcalfe's Sea Salt Popcorn
On opening the bag I was greeted by the typical aroma of plain popcorn, sorry I find this a tad difficult to describe. Intermingled with this was a subtle aroma of salt. I did my usual close sniff up test and this salt aroma intensified slightly. On closer inspection inside the bag the popcorn looked like a simple plain popcorn there was no obvious coating of salt. This was a bonus for me personally as I had worried that I may find the popcorn fairly heavily coated in salt and this was not the case. On biting into the popcorn I immediately got the taste of plain popcorn this was followed by a subtle taste of salt the strength of which was spot on. The texture of the popcorn was just right. I experienced a combination of textures initially it was slightly crunchy followed by a light airy softness of the popcorn.
Review of Metcalfe's Sea Salt Popcorn
So would I recommend this popcorn? Gosh, yes I would. I liked everything about this popcorn from its simple packaging, through to its flavour and textures. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free or a vegan diet why not give this popcorn a try as a savoury treat. So thank you Metcalfe’s Skinny for producing a nice savoury popcorn that I can enjoy as a treat.
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