Review of Marks & Spencer’s lightly salted tortilla chips

Whilst in Marks & Spencer a few weeks ago I managed to discover the small free from section. This consisted mainly of gluten free sweet and savoury treats with the odd dairy free products thrown in for good luck. I will stop at this point trying not to be too negative and say at least they are starting to stock dairy free options in the store now. I saw a couple of varieties of tortilla chips labelled as gluten free. As I would be meeting my mum who has a gluten free diet I thought I would get a packet for her to try. On checking the ingredients they appeared to be suitable for somebody who follows a dairy and lactose free diet. That was a result I could share them with her to. I normally eat tortillas chips either as an addition to a nice sandwich or as an accompaniment to a chilli con carne. Not that it is that often to be fair.
They come in is a fairly large pack weighing 175g. A 25g serving contains 127 calories, 6.5 g of fat, and 0.20g of salt. The packaging is well designed which is see-through at the bottom whilst having a picture of a Mexican hat on the top half. In addition to this there is a clearly labelled logo showing that they are gluten free. The chips themselves are a classical triangular shape and slightly yellow in colour with brown speckles in appearance. On biting into the chip I got a nice clear crunch. I found the flavouring to be pretty bland and non descript. I also felt that they left me with a dry texture to the roof of my mouth, which was only removed by having a small drink. I’m aware that they are described as being like being lightly salted and I should therefore expect a fairly plain favour. However, I was the little disappointed. I personally expect food to be of a certain standard from Marks and Spencer. I have had other varieties of plain / lightly salted tortilla chips both cheaper and around the same price range which I feel have been both better in taste and quality. I am sorry to say that I will not be buying this flavour again.


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