Ok so someone bought some sweets in the office today at work, everyone tucked into the bag that was except for me. Sadly, they were not suitable for a dairy and lactose free diet. My work colleague appologised as they had not even thought to check that a packet of sweets was milk free. To be honest I wasn’t that fussed as I infrequently eat sweets. However, for some unknown reason I kept on thinking about enjoining sweets for the rest of the working day. In the end I relented and popped into a local supermarket on the way home and went directly to the free from section. These kola gummy bears caught my attention. I have tried other sweets from this company and really enjoyed them so decided to have them as a little treat just for me. Being in the free from section meant that these are free from gluten, lactose are vegetarian society approved as well as being vegan. Oh I also forgot to mention that they are soy and nut free too. They come in a 100g packet with a cute koala bear on the fron, appealing both to children and adults.
A 100g contains 3233 calories, 0.5g of fat, 68g of sugar and 0.35g of salt. The koala bears come in a variety of flavours and colours from red to green. They reminded me of gummy bears. On opening the bag a lovely sweet aroma was noted. I personally found it difficult to distinguish between the flavours of the bears. On bitting onto the bears they were squiddy and I felt had a gooey type consistency.
I enjoyed them and found it hard to stop after a few. I personally feel that I have eaten nicer sweets from this company, but it’s all down to personal choice. That said I think that it’s great that there are suitable for adults and children alike who a variety of allergies or intolerances. So if you have a gluten, lactose, nut, or soy free diet why not give these little koalas a go.


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