Review of Fox’s Party Rings

I happen to come across a tweet by somebody that happened to discover that Fox’s party rings was suitable for people following a dairy free diet. So of course the next thing I did was logon to my online supermarket account to see if they sold them and also to check the ingredients. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t doubting the individual on Twitter it just comes as second nature to me to check ingredients on all new foods. Sure enough they were suitable for an individual who follows a dairy and what lactose free diet. So I amended my shopping basket to include these. I was looking forward to being able to taste them later on in the week. The packaging is clearly designed for children being aqua blue in appearance with pretty coloured letters and pictures of the biscuits. The labelling on the back of the packet is easy to follow. There is a section noted allergy advice stating allergens including cereals containing gluten see ingredients in bold. It also states that may contain nuts. Each biscuit contains 28 calories,0.7g of fat 2.9g of sugar and 0.03g of salt. I was surprised at how low the calories were for one biscuit. That said when I opened the packaging I realised they were smaller than I had expected.
Inside the packaging there are several compartments each compartment contains four biscuits with the same colour icing noted. If you wish to have a variety of colours you have to open the packaging further and mixed them around. I was excited about being able to have a biscuit that had not come from a specialist shop or the free from section in the supermarket. On biting into the biscuit I was immediately struck by its two contrasting flavours. Firstly, the sickly and what I would describe as artificial flavouring to the icing. Secondly, the biscuits underneath the icing. I found this hard going slightly grainy in texture and to me it just tasted like flour and made my mouth slightly dry. I was very disappointed if I’m honest but thought I would try another one just to make sure I wasn’t misinterpreting the combination of flavours. Sadly, it tasted the same if anything worse because I could taste the flourie consistency combined with the artificial sweetness even more. Oh well you don’t know until you try new biscuits whether they are going to be good or bad. I told my other half it was good news as he could now have a party rings all to himself. He then explained to me that actually he did not like them and went to describe them in a similar way to me. This made me feel better as I hadn’t mentioned anything about what I thought when tasting the biscuits. So it can’t just be me and my personal taste buds. So there is only one thing to do with these biscuits now and that’s to wrap them up and take them into work to get eaten. Sorry Fox’s but I really did not like your party rings and wouldn’t recommend them as a treat for somebody follows a dairy and all lactose free diet.


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