Review of ds gluten free crispbread

I was lucky enough recently to go on holiday to Las Vegas. The only downside to that was the long flight to get there. Now long haul travel and food allergies don’t always go together well, so it’s all about being prepared. I have always found it very difficult to find safe dairy and lactose free meals on a plane. Despite requesting is I been given food which contains these ingredients. So to be safe and not to go hungry I always bring my own pack up. Now this pack up is of a reasonable size, a consists o a variety of sweet and savour snacks. I always take crispbreads for on the plane and as a back up snack if needed on my holiday. I personally think they are a great simple option as they can be enjoyed alone or as a sweet or savoury treat. So why did I choose this brand, the honest truth it was in the free from section when I was buying other safe food for my holiday. The marketing of the packaging is clearly aimed at individuals that follow a gluten / wheat free diet. That didn’t bother me as I often share and enjoy my mums gluten free treats. They ingredients listed soya as the only allergen so were therefore suitable for me.
A crispbreads contains 27 calories, 0g of fat, 0g of sugar, and 0.010g of salt. The crispbreads are cream in colour, on bitting into them a nice crunch is noted. I have found it hard to describe their flavour, personally I would describe them as being similar to a plain rice cake, but nicer. I didn’t find them bland in flavour and actually found them to be quite moorish. I ate them quiet happily without jam, because I became hungry before the food came round and had no knife to spread the jam with. Just for the record they worked well with both honey and jam. I would recommend these to anyone even if they don’t need to follow a dairy and or gluten free diet.

I have since got a further packet of these and put them in my office as an emergency snack. They are great way to put hunger at bay, and their low calories means that they are good on a fasting day when I do the 5:2 diet.


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