Review of Waitrose Raspberry Jelly

Ok I admit it I’m still a child at heart. As a child one of the safe treats I could enjoy was jelly. As a grown up I still enjoy a nice jelly. One of my favourites has to be raspberry so when I saw Waitrose had a small pot of jelly I had to give it a go.
On checking the jelly on the Waitrose website it states that it is suitable for those avoiding milk, nuts, peanuts, soya, gluten and egg. It is also suitable for a vegan diet. On looking at the jelly further it differed from the other raspberry jellies that I have tried because the raspberries were towards the bottom of the pot. Now this sounds silly but I found this a little off-putting as I am so used to diving into a jelly pot and getting a bite of a raspberry.
On opening the pot I was greeted by a sweet slightly artificial aroma which is hard to describe but didn’t remind me of raspberries. On placing the jelly on the spoon it had a good wobbly consistency and stayed nicely on the spoon. On eating the first piece of jelly I found it to really lack any flavour it was slightly sweet but bland. I wouldn’t haven’t been able to say that it was a raspberry flavour. I had to have several more mouthfuls before I hit the raspberries. There seemed to be less than in other similar jellies that I have tried. The raspberries themselves were of a good quality and added a little tartness to the jelly. As with other jellies that I have tried I liked the combination of textures from the raspberries intermingled with the wobbly jelly. I personally didn’t like that I had to nearly reach the end of the pot before I could experience this. This however is me being picky due to my personal preference.
So would I recommend this jelly as a dairy free dessert yes if you’ve shopped in Waitrose and need a quick easy dessert. If however you have the time to shop elsewhere then I would recommend you do this instead. I personally preferred The Co-op’s and Sainsbury’s which are both suitable for vegans. However, my favourite is still from Marks & Spencer. Sorry Waitrose.


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