A surprise tea gift

Not a day goes by when I don’t enjoy a nice cup of tea. I was unlucky to recently catch a flu virus. This resulted in me not only feeling rough but having little or no appetite or thirst. I tried to keep hydrated but the only drink that I could tolerate was Ribena. I couldn’t even face a cup of tea, which is when I know that something is wrong. My other half even tried to make me cups of my favourite Pukka three mint tea in the hope that I would drink it and it would help settle my tummy. But, I just couldn’t face it. He decided that I needed cheering up and bought me a surprise small selection pack of Pukka herb teas to try once I was better. This little gift cheered me up. I was even more determined to get better to dive in and try this tea selection. The question is, which one do I try first ? I think I may just take a lucky dip


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