Review of Sainsbury’s free from pecan tarts

On opening the packaging to reveal the tarts they just look at you and say eat me. They immediately look rich indulgent and a sweet treat designed for grown ups. The outside of the pie is covered in a light flaky pastry with the middle consisting of a thick mud pie like consistency with pecan nut on the top. On biting into the tart you get the contrast of the light flaky pastry with deep rich centre which has a distinctive but not overpowering flavour of pecans noted. I felt like it was a bit like eating a Christmas pudding within a pastry. I couldn’t believe how nice the pecan tart actually was.
I Think that if you gave it to an individual who didn’t have to eat free from products they would never guess that it was. So I will definitely be buying these little gems again. Well done Sainsbury’s for producing a lovely indulgent free from treat.


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