Review of Sun.Pat Choc-a-Nut Peanut spread

I stumbled across this sometime ago looking for some peanut butter in Tesco’s. I picked it up in the hope that maybe it might be suitable for somebody follows a dairy and lactose free diet. I couldn’t believe my luck it was. I double checked and I triple checked and it was a safe option for me to try. It was on offer for £1.69 which was a much cheaper option than the specialist dietary chocolate spreads that are available.
Each jar is 340g, a 100g contains 562 calories, 38.6g of fat and 26.7g of sugar. On Opening the jar you are greeted by a thick chocolate spread. Placing a knife into the jar a solid thick smooth yet slightly crunchy chocolate spread appears. I put the spread directly onto warm toast, it did not to melt or disintegrate and kept its same consistency. On biting into the toast I could clearly taste both the chocolate and peanut flavourings in the spread. It made a perfect lunchtime treat. I also tasted the spread on a small spoon by it’s self. To be honest I found it to be quite sickly and definitely works better in combination with something else. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who follows a dairy and lactose free diet.It is a cheaper option than the specialist chocolate spreads that are available and has the bonus of being both peanut butter and a chocolate spread combined what more could you ask for.


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