Review of Oatly Vanilla Custard

When I like many others who follow a dairy free diet heard that Oatly were launching some new products in the UK I was a little excited. When I discovered that one of these was vanilla custard I just couldn’t wait to give it a try. So I no doubt like many others with a food allergy popped along to Tesco’s on the week that it was launched. I managed to grab one of the last cartons and took it home to try.
I liked the simple of the packaging. It is in the same design that you get with Oatly products. Onto the ingredients list oat is clearly highlighted as an allergen. Underneath the ingredients the custard is labelled as being lactose free and free of milk protein and soya. It is also suitable for a vegan diet.
On opening the custard a faint subtle of vanilla was noted. The aroma remained the same on my close up sniff test. I personally liked this as it wasn’t artificially strong. It’s colour was a pale cream/ yellow colour. On pouring the custard into the bowl it was thick in consistency similar to that of Valsoia cream. This surprised me it mentions about being able to whip it on the carton but I expected it to be thinner. Maybe because that it is what I am used to having with ye old Alpro custard.
I added my custard to a bowl and placed sliced bananas on top. What struck me was that its thick consistency remained and the weight of the banana didn’t impact this. On having a mouthful of the custard what struck me was the lovely thick creamy texture. It felt slightly luxurious. Onto the flavour yes I could taste the vanilla but this was subtle and not to strong or overpowering. It’s flavour and texture complimented the banana perfectly. In summary it was delicious.
So would I recommend this custard if you follow a dairy free, soya free and or vegan diet? Oh my goodness yes. I liked everything about this custard from its aroma, flavour and texture. In fact I would go as far as to say that this is the nicest custard I have had. This is now going to be my custard of choice. I can’t wait to use it in a trifle. So thank you Oatly for producing a delicious custard that I can enjoy.


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