Review of Real Good Tomato Ketchup

I have to confess to being a lady who enjoys my tomato ketchup. It is one of my guilty pleasures in fact I have it with most of my meals. It is a safe dairy free food that I use a dip or as part my tomato based sauces. So when I had the opportunity to try Real Good Ketchup how could I say no. The fact that it contains 70% less sugar and salt is nut free, and is suitable for a vegan diet is a bonus.

Onto the packaging. It comes in a small sized clear plastic bottle that I would associate with most tomato ketchups. I was immediately drawn to the clever marketing that it has 70% less sugar as I have been trying unsuccessfully to reduce this recently. I also liked the juicy looking tomatoes I was immediately thinking of the taste of fresh tomatoes and wanted to dive in and give it a try. Onto the ingredients they are completely plant based no allergens are highlighted and there are no is no may contain warning. In fact is clearly labelled as being made in a nut free factory.

On opening the bottle I got a nice aroma of tomatoes, the slightly sweet aroma that I associate with ketchup was absent. Instead a slightly more mature tomato aroma was noted. This remained the same on my famous close up sniff test. I squeezed the sauce out of the bottle it was smooth but slightly runnier in consistency than what I expected. Oh, and yes I did give the bottle a good shake before giving a little squeeze. Perhaps I am being a little unfair I just expected to be a little thicker than the average ketchup because of its ingredients. I tried the ketchup as an accompanist to a variety of meals as a crafty dip. It had a rich tomato taste with a slight twang noted. The sweetness that I associate with ketchup was missing. I much preferred this to my regular ketchup. I also used the ketchup as addition to tomato based sauces. The stronger tomato flavour added a little extra to my sauces. In fact I didn’t need to use my tomato purée to my spaghetti bolognese or chilli.

So would I recommend this tomato ketchup? Yes I would. I really enjoyed the aroma and flavour of this ketchup. It works well as a dip and adds a nice tomato flavour to sauces when cooking. My only constructive criticism is the size of the product. It’s too small, when you are a bit of a ketchup monster like me it just doesn’t last long enough. So please can I put in a request for a larger size, I’m sure I wont be the only one with this request. So if you food food allergies, follow a vegan diet why not give this ketchup a try.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product all the opinions in this post are honest and my own.

Review of Kinnerton Dark & Smooth Chocolate Mints

Now I’m a lady who loves her chocolate as a guilty sweet treat. It can however be quiet difficult to get a chocolate fix when you follow a dairy free diet. So many chocolates contain milk. So I always have to a secret supply of chocolate for such occasions. One chocolate that I heard about via social media was Kinnerton dark & smooth chocolate mints. I love mint chocolate so just had to give them a try. They were quiet difficult to find so I was mightily pleased when my other half got me a box as a surprise treat.
Onto the packaging I liked the simplicity of the design of the box. It’s brown colour with a simple green ribbon to the centre with a circle describing the chocolates inside. I also like the subtle addition of a mint leaf within the circle.
They are clearly labelled as being dairy free, egg free, gluten free and nut free. They are also suitable for a vegan diet. Onto the ingredients list the only allergen highlighted is soya. To the back of the box the labelling also states that they are suitable for individuals who have a peanut allergy.
On opening the box I have to admit to being a tad surprised. I was greeted by three separate layers of 9 chocolate discs. Onto the aroma I was greeted by a subtle cocoa that I associate with dark chocolate. This didn’t change of my famous close up sniff test. If I’m honest I was a tad disappointed as I hoped for a combination of cocoa and mint. Maybe this is a little unfair. On biting into the chocolate disc a nice hard crunch was noted followed by a smooth consistency. Onto the flavour my taste buds got hit by the slight bitterness from the chocolate this was preceded by a slight sweetness from mint. The mint wasn’t too strong and overpowering and complimented the cocoa perfectly. They would make a perfect after dinner mint.
So would I recommend these chocolates? Yes I would. I loved everything about these chocolates from the simplicity of the packaging through to their subtle aroma, textures and flavours. It was well worth the wait. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free, nut free, or vegan diet why not give these chocolates a try. So thank you Kinnerton for producing some mint chocolates that I can enjoy.

Review of KoKo Lemon & Coconut Yogurt

I enjoy a yogurt most days as part of my packed lunch or as an extra addition to fresh fruit. The choices of yogurts seems to be rapidly expanding, especially coconut based yogurts. You can now easily pick them up from your local supermarket. KoKo are one of the growing bands to produce their own brand of dairy free coconut yogurts. It took me a little while to get my hands on some as they always seemed to be out of stock. In the meantime I had read great reviews about these yogurts but put these aside so that I could construct my own personal review about these new coconut yogurts. They come in five flavours, including plain. I opted for lemon as I had yet been able to find a lemon yogurt that I can have.
I immediately fell for the packaging. The design transported me to an imaginary desert island very briefly. I know this may sound a tad silly but I’m just being honest. You get two yogurt pots per pack which are slightly larger than most yogurts that I have tried. The yogurt is clearly labelled as being dairy, gluten, nut and soya free. There are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list oh and they are also suitable for a vegan diet.
On removing the cardboard packaging you get two yogurt pots sealed next to each other. The individual pot continues with the KoKo theme of that desert island. I liked the subtleness of the scattering of the lemons and the free flowing milk from the coconut. I just wanted to dive in and give it a try.
On opening the yogurt pot I have to admit to be being a tad surprised. I was greeted by a thick creamy looking yogurt. There was a nice coconut aroma with a subtle undertone of lemon noted. Onto the yogurt itself it was a pleasant a neutral cream / white colour with flecks of coconut intermingled in it. On placing my spoon into the yogurt it was the perfect creamy consistency for my personal taste. It didn’t run of my spoon like other yogurts I have tried, so this was real a bonus. On tasting the yogurt I found its flavour to be perfectly balanced. It was slightly sweet in flavour from the coconut with a subtle sourness noted from the lemon. I really liked its consistency and texture. It was slightly thinner and smoother compared to other coconut yogurt I have tried aka Co-Yo, but I preferred this. I’m going slightly of tangent now as it is also a more affordable choice. I tend to have Co-Yo as my weekend treat.

So would I recommend this yogurt oh my goodness yes. It exceeded my expectations and believe me this can be difficult. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free, but free, soya free or vegan diet, I highly recommend that you give these yogurts a try. So thank you KoKo for producing a delicious coconut yogurt that I can enjoy. I look forward to trying your other flavours.

Review of Beyond Dark Chocolate Drops

Now I confess to being a girl who loves her chocolate. I don’t let being dairy free get in the way if this. Luckily there a variety of chocolates for me to try. A work colleague got me this packet of Beyond Dark chocolate drops to cheer me up. I hadn’t tried them before so was a little excited by what I would find. They come in a small black and gold packet and contain chocolate drops. As well as being suitable for dairy free me they are also gluten free and suitable for a vegan diet. The only ingredient component highlighted in the ingredients list is soya.
On opening the packet my senses were immediately hit am by a strong aroma of cocoa. I couldn’t wait to dive in and give them a try. I guessed by the aroma that these little chocolate drops were going to be rich and indulgent. On placing a chocolate drop on my tongue the aroma intensified. I certainly got an immediate chocolate fix. The drop was indeed strong and rich in flavour. It tasted like it had a high cocoa content. It melted nicely on my tongue and it’s flavour lingered. I had a few more drops. I didn’t need many due to their richness. I would definitely describe these as a grown up treat. Although the packaging is only small the chocolate easily lasts a few days.
I will definitely be buying these for myself in the future. They have been one of the nicest chocolates that I have tried recently. I would recommend anyone who follows a dairy free, gluten free or vegan diet gives these little gems a try. So a big thank you to Beyond Dark for producing these chocolates.

Review of Good Hemp Milk

Well, it’s been a little while since I have tried a new milk alternative. So I thought I should try something completely different and opted for hemp milk. I choose The Good Hemp Food milk in a UHT form, mainly because I liked the simple bright vibrant blue packaging with a picture of milk cascading at the bottom. It is advertised as a dairy free alternative to milk and soya. It also highlights on the side of the packaging that it is free from allergens highlighting that it is lactose, gluten and GMO free, whilst being suitable for vegans.
I gave the carton a gentle shake prior to opening it. I personally liked the fact that it had an easy to undo and reveal cap to the top of the packet. on opening the carton there was what I would describe as a faint nutty aroma noted, which was pleasant. I found it very easy to pour the milk into a bowl, with no unexpected spills occurring. The milk itself was a pale cream colour and of what I would describe as a medium consistency when comparing it to other milks. and I did not note any stronger aroma once placed into the bowl. I heated the milk in the microwave for my usual time to enjoy it with my Weetabix for breakfast. It heated well, no separation or skin formation occurred. I then placed my usual 2 Weetabix into the bowl. Interestingly, it changed the consistency compared to normal, being slightly thicker. I had this milk for the following 2 days and the consistency of the Weetabix remained the same. This resulted in a slightly different texture to my breakfast cereal compared to normal, which made a nice change. As for the taste of my Weetabix, well the milk added very faint what I would describe as nutty to it, with a slight sweet element noted. However, this did not really impact on the overall flavour of my Weetabix. I also had the milk cold with granola, I personally felt that the milk impacted slightly on the flavour of my granola compared to other milks I have tried. That said it did not impact of the enjoyment of eating the granola. I also tried a little in a glass neat 🙂 and although I really struggle to drink any dairy free milk for psychological reasons, I found it quiet pleasant.
I am looking forward to using as part of both a sweet and savoury treat when cooking as it heated well, and had a mild subtle flavour. Overall, I enjoyed this milk and am glad that I have tried something different. I will definitely buy this again. So thank you Good Hemp Food for producing an allergen friendly milk that both I and many others can try.

Review of Orgran Gluten Free Kids Outback Animals Chocolate Cookies

I am always on the hunt for new sweet treats to enjoy that are suitable for dairy / lactose free diet. One item I constantly try to find is new biscuits. Although Waitrose bourbons are still a firm favourite it’s good to have new alternatives. I discovered these Orgran kids biscuits a while ago on Ocado. I got excited because I could have them, they were chocolate cookies and because they were fun animal shapes. So, yes I do have to confess to being a kid really.

So these biscuits come in a 175g box which has cute pictures of Australian animals on. They are clearly labelled as being suitable for a variety of allergies and food intolerances. These particular cookies are nut, soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, and year free as well as being suitable for vegans. On opening the box you are greeted by a clear film bag which you can see the cookies in. You can reseal the lid of the box, I personally found this a little difficult to do and it didn’t really seal the box. I would recommend that you get a small clip to seal the film bag to stop the biscuits going stale. On taking the cookies from the packaging you find 4 cute biscuit characters which all have names. My favourite is Krissy Kangaroo. The biscuits or cookies as they are called are reasonably sized and a nice rich brown colour. I felt guilty only for a brief second about biting into the animal shaped biscuits, sorry cookies. I found a nice crunch on bitting into the cookies. This was followed by a subtle but not overpowering chocolatey flavour. I found them to be very mourish and kept going back into the box to eat more with a nice cup of tea. My only criticism if there had to be one was they were slightly dry. However, I think it was because I ate too many in one sitting 😊. So if you have children or are a grown up wishing to enjoy a sweet treat why not give these a try. I personally think that if you follow a particular free from diet that means you have to exclude any of the following, nut, soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, yeast or are a vegan they are defintley worth a try. So thank you Organ for producing a cute chocolate cookie that I can enjoy.

Review of Kinnerton 4 solid chocolate lollies

Now, like most people I like chocolate. I am always on the look out for new chocolate to try that is dairy and lactose free. I discovered these lollies a little while ago but haven’t got round to posting a review. They come in a pack of 4 and have no information with regards to their calorie, fat, sugar or salt content. But hey they’re a treat and you don’t need to know the calorie content of everything you eat. More importantly they are dairy, gluten, wheat, egg and nut fee. They are clearly labelled as 4 solid dark chocolate lollies for allergy sufferers.
To me they are the perfect size for a sneekie sweet treat to hit that chocolate craving. They are also a perfect treat size for children. I love the 3 colours of foil wrapping that you get. It’s great fun and makes them even more appealing. I personally like the orange foil. Now onto the chocolate itself. The foil is easy to open and reveals a good size circle of dark chocolate on a white lolly stick. The chocolate itself looks rich and indulgent yet simplistic.
When I first saw these I couldn’t wait to dive in, but wasn’t sure how to eat them. So I simply bit a little of at a time and even tried sucking the chocolate as if it was a real lolly. I’m still not sure what is the best way to eat them, but who cares. I found the chocolate to be a little rich with a good coco taste, but without bring to strong or overpowering. It melted nicely in my mouth with a nice smooth non grainy texture. I really enjoyed it. The portion size was also spot on for me. What more can I say that I think it’s a great fun safe way for many with dietary restrictions can enjoy a piece of chocolate. It’s a fun design that both children and adults can enjoy. So thanks to Kinnerton for producing a chocolate lolly that can be enjoyed by many.