Review of The Toby Carvery Breakfast and Being Dairy Free

We decided on a last minute trip to a local Toby Carvery for breakfast. Now, I have to confess to have never even been in a Toby before. I had heard good things on social media mainly via Twitter about the Toby Carvery catering well for dairy free diet and having a good knowledge of food allergies. You pay at the till in advance for your food and drink. In explaining my dietary requirements the manager clearly explained what food I could safely have and what to avoid. He was very helpful and knowledgable and I felt reassured about my breakfast to come. In addition to my breakfast I requested earl grey tea and was given 2 teabags and I was explained that I could help myself to the hot water.

The breakfast is already pre prepared and ready to eat under hot plates. There was a good selection of food to choose from. I opted for sausages, bacon, fried eggs, mushrooms and baked beans. I could of also had bread to put in one of those slow toasters but decided not to have this. The good thing about the Toby is that you can go up as many times as you wish. I only had one plate, but this was very big for me.
So what did I think. Well, you certainly get a lot for you money. The bacon was nice, slightly crispy and not greasy. The eggs were a bit hit and miss, one was hard but the other one was nice a runny just how I like it, and again not to greasy. The sausages were cooked well and again not greasy, they tasted better than I expected for what I had paid. Finally the mushrooms it was great to be able to have these as often it’s not possible. These were well cooked, but a little greasy. Finally, the baked beans these were also nicer than I expected and complimented the rest of my breakfast.
I must not forget the tea. This was a nice accompaniment to my breakfast. There was a faint hint of bergamot, it wasn’t the best but it was good and hit the spot nicely.

So would I visit Toby Carvery again for breakfast again, yes definitely. It’s a great value breakfast to keep you going for the day. The staff were helpful and knowledgable about food allergies. So if you are dairy free why not give Toby’s breakfast a try as an occasional naughty treat.


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