Review of Waitrose Chilli Salsa Tortilla Chips

I popped into my local Waitrose yesterday to pick up a few essentials to tide us over. Whilst picking up my essentials some packets of chilli salsa tortilla chips grabbed my attention. I had a quick glance as so often flavoured tortillas are not an option with my dairy free diet. I couldn’t see any milk in the ingredients list and popped it into my shopping basket. I have to admit to being a tad excited as I like anything with a chilli flavour at the moment.

Onto the packaging I liked the simple white background with a bright orange strip to the top and bottom of the packet. I wasn’t so keen on the very artificial looking tortilla chips to the middle. Onto the ingredients list no allergens are highlighted and there is no may contain warning. On checking the website they labelled as being suitable for a vegan diet. On the allergy advice section it sates that they are suitable for those who are avoiding gluten, nuts, peanuts, milk and soya. On a personal note I wish that this was on the actual packet instead of having to look online.

On opening the tortillas I noted a subtle inviting aroma which I would describe as sweet chilli. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. The tortillas had an even distribution of flavouring noted on them. On biting into the tortilla there was a nice crunch noted. The texture is what I would describe as a regular tortilla chip. This was slightly different to what I expected as they do not contain any wheat and this can often result in a tortilla having a slightly different texture. Onto the flavour I could definitely taste the chilli element to these tortillas. The flavouring was spot on subtle and not too strong or artificial tasting. The flavour of these tortillas exceeded my expectations. Onto another positive note the tortillas didn’t leave any greasy or powdery residual on my fingers. This is personally a big bonus for me.

So would I recommend these tortillas? Yes I would. The flavour was spot on. They were not greasy, had a good crunch and didn’t leave a powdery residual on my fingers. Most of all it was great to have a flavoured packet of tortillas that I can enjoy. So thank you Waitrose for producing a flavoured packet of tortillas that I can enjoy.


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