Review of Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter

Well, peanut butter is a fairly new discovery of mine, that I now enjoy on toast and on an apple. My blog has given me the opportunity to try a variety of brands and share my thoughts and opinions about them. The lady who I visit for reflexology recommended that I give this brand a try. It is a little more expensive compared to other brands that I have tried, so I had high hopes if I am honest. The peanut butter comes in a clear glass with a brown label around the centre with a picture of peanuts and a monkey on the front. The peanut butter you can see in the jar looks a bit like pesto that is brown. I know that seems strange but that was my initial impression. The only ingredients in the peanut butter is peanuts. The label states it is not suitable for nut or sesame allergy suffers, but is vegan friendly. The jar weighs 280g and provides the nutritional values per 100g serving. A 100g contains 596 calories, 46g of fat, 5.9g of sugar and 0.0g of salt.
On opening the jar I was greeted by a deep rich aroma of nuts, this was stronger compared to other brands I have tried. The peanut butter still reminded me of pesto, which a oily consistency noted to the top with fine ground peanuts and dark brown speckles which I am guessing was the skin of the nuts. On taking the peanut butter out of the jar onto the knife the consistency remained the same.
I tried it both on toast and on an apple. The main thing that struck me was the richness and texture element to this peanut butter. It was a lot richer and denser in texture compared to other brands that I’ve tried. The slight residual noted in the jar disappeared on spreading the peanut butter. On tasting the peanut butter it was defintley rich in flavour and I liked the slight smoothness combined with the crunch from the small fragments of peanuts. There was no sweet artificial taste that I had noticed with other brands.It defintley felt that a peanut butter for grown ups, I only needed a little to get my peanut butter fix. Yes, it may be a more expensive brand, but I needed less to enjoy my lunch, therefore making it last longer. I personally felt that both it’s taste and texture was superior to other brands I have tried. So if you’re dairy and lactose free like me, follow a vegan diet or just fancy trying some peanut butter I would defintley recommend this brand. So thank you to Meridian for producing a good quality flavoursome peanut butter.


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