Review of Mcennedy American Way Sweet Popcorn from Lidl

My other half went to watch the American football at Wembley last weekend. To cut a long story short this meant that I had a lazy afternoon with the telly all to myself. My other half was looking forward to his American treats including hot dogs or a burger, American beverages and maybe the odd bit of popcorn thrown in for luck. This inspired me to get some American themed snacks to enjoy myself whilst being lazy on the sofa. As I was zipping into a local Lidl I looked to see what food may fit this criteria and came across popcorn. I checked the label and double checked and sure enough not only was the popcorn dairy and lactose free it was suitable for vegans too.
So I popped into my shopping basket looking forward to trying it at the weekend. In each box you get three individually wrapped packets of popcorn. You simply follow the clearly labelled instructions and cook for the designated time depending on your type and strength of your microwave and wait for the popping noise to slowly stop and wait as instructed. On removing the packaging from the microwave I gently shook it to ensure that any flavouring would be equally dispersed over the popcorn. On opening the packaging I was greeted by the familiar smell that you get on at the cinema, the aroma of lovely warm fresh popcorn. Almost all of the kernels of the popcorn had popped and produced a light fluffy popcorn. The sugar that came alongside the popcorn in the bag was evenly distributed so that the majority of the popcorn had a nice sweet subtle flavour without being too overpowering or sickly or artificial flavour.
I decided to eat mine directly from the bag as if I was at the cinema and also to reduce the washing up if I’m honest. I really enjoyed this popcorn it was one of the nicest popcorn I have eaten in a long time. This was also a bargain being purchased from Lidl. I would definitely recommend anybody who follows a dairy and/or lactose free,vegetarian or vegan diet tries this popcorn. It’s a great sweet treat for both adults and children alike.


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