Review of Marks & Spencer’s Fruit Jelly Raspberry

Well every now and then a girl deserves a little treat. Now , it can be difficult to find a milk free option when it’s not a planned shop. I was in Marks & Spencer’s and was aware of this jelly as several people had mentioned it. So I went to the chiller section hunting for it, and bingo I found it. The good thing about this jelly is that it contains no milk or its derivatives so is suitable for a dairy / lactose free diet but it is also suitable for vegans. Now onto the jelly itself, it comes in a slim single use pot which is see through. This means that you know what to expect. You can see the deep red slightly wobbly jelly with a scattering of a good quantity of raspberries on the top incorporated into the jelly.
On taking a spoonful of jelly I was impressed by the texture of the jelly. It was and firm yet smooth with a nice wobble noted. This was combined with the texture of raspberries which were whole and had the texture of fresh raspberries and were not mushy at all. Spot on I would say. Now on to its flavour. I could taste the raspberry flavouring which was just right, as it was not too strong or artificial in flavouring. I really enjoyed this jelly, the flavour, texture and its wobble were spot on. I much preferred it to other jellies that I have tried. So thank you Marks & Spencer’s for producing a very yummy jelly. This will definitely be going on my sweet treats list to have again. So anyone who follows a dairy / lactose free or vegan diet should give this jelly a try.


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