Whilst in Lidl a few weeks ago I managed to discover a new packet of tortilla chips. It was Lidl own brand basic lightly salted tortillas. I had learnt via helpful fellow tweeters on twitter that it is often worth checking basic ranges as they can often be dairy free. On checking the ingredients they appeared to be suitable for somebody who follows a dairy and lactose free diet. Oh and they are they are suitable for vegan diets as well. There were no allergens highlighted or listed, with the ingredients consisting of maize flour, sunflower oil and salt. That was a result so I popped them in basket to have with my lunch as a last minute change.
The packaging is well designed which is see-through at the bottom whilst having a picture of a tortilla chip on the top half. My only concern was the large amount of salt that could be seen at the bottom of the packet. The tortilla chips themselves are a classical triangular shape and slightly yellow in colour with brown speckles in appearance. On biting into the tortilla chips a nice clear crunch was noted. I was very disappointed with the flavour it was extremely salty, this was despite there being a fair quantity of salt at the bottom of the bag. I dipped them into hummus and it even tainted the flavour of this. They made me very thirsty. I was a little disappointed by these tortilla chips to say the least. I am aware that they were a basic tortilla chip, and they could have been very nice if they hadn’t been coated in soo much salt. I am sorry to say Lidl that I will not be buying this flavour again and I would not recommend these to anyone who follows a dairy free of vegan diet.


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