Eating out at TGI Fridays and being dairy free

I recently met up with an old friend for a bit of retail therapy. We decided to have a light bite to eat for lunch to keep our energy levels up. The local small cafes were full and we found ourselves at the top of the high street in Guildford. So we decide to pop into TGI Fridays. I was aware that they had a designated menu for gluten free and for dairy and lactose free. I requested this as we got seated. The waiter asked what drinks we would like while we were choosing our lunch.
On returning he noted the allergy menu and checked that I was safe to have lemon with my sparkling water, which I was. He then explained that as I had a food allergy we would be personally served by the manager. The manager introduced himself as Mark and that he would be personally responsible for my food. He checked what my food allergy was and what I choose was safe. He proceeded to explain that it would be cooked separately and bought to the table personally by him. I was suitably impressed.
My lunch arrived separately by the manager who confirmed that it was all dairy and lactose free. It was piping hot and I was looking forward to tucking in. The portion of ribs was just right for me it was nicely coated in the barbecue sauce. I then had a separate pot of extra sauce as needed. There was a good portion of skinny fies and 3 onion rings.
I tucked into the fries first these were crunchy to the outside and light and fluffy to the centre with a subtle seasoning. The ribs were very hot and were eveningly coated in sauce. The meat was easy to separate from the ribs and had taken the flavour of the sauce from outside. I didn’t really need the extra sauce so dipped my chips in it instead. Finally the onion rings. There were slightly crunchy with a nice moist onion to the centre. Sadly, they had a lot of black pepper as part of the seasoning which was to strong and overpowering for me. That however is down to my own personal taste. I have to confess it didn’t take me long to finish my lunch.

So would I recommend TGI Fridays if you are dairy and or lactose free, definitely. They have a simple clear easy to read designated menu if you are dairy and or lactose free. The staff had an excellent knowledge of food allergies and to how to deal with them. It was nice to have the highly personal touch by manager to reassure you that your food is prepared and served separately. On top of that I really enjoyed my meal. So will I be going back to TGI Fridays and would I recommend it definitely.


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