Review of Marks & Spencer’s Chicken Bacon And Sweetcorn Pasta Salad

Well every now again despite the best layed plans it is not always possible to prepare lunch in advance. Now on a recent trip to Marks & Spencer’s I discovered that their chicken bacon and sweetcorn and pasta salad was milk free. Yeh, if I got stuck I could have it. Recently, I had no lunch, I won’t go into why and ended up a Marks & Spencer’s To Go with a work colleague. So I went the relevant section and got it for my lunch. The lunch had 645 calories, 28.1g of fat, 2.58g of salt and 10.6g of sugar. On opening the packaging the chicken and bacon were placed nicely on top of the pasta. Underneath this was the pasta with sweetcorn and scattering of small pieces of tomatoes. This was all nicely and eveningly coated with a thick creamy mayonaise. It looked really appetising do I dived in. The chicken had a pleasant savoury coating which worked perfectly with the bacon. This combined with the tomatoes sweetcorn and creamy mayo were spot on. Now for the main ingredient the pasta. This had been cooked just how I liked it, this was being soft in texture but not soggy.
Overall I was impressed by this pasta dish. The perfectly cooked pasta, the good quantity of mayonaise combined with the chicken, bacon and sweetcorn all worked brilliantly together. So, thank to Marks & Spencer’s for producing a nice pasta dish to eat on the go that is suitable for my dairy and lactose free diet.


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