My quest to find dairy free bourbon biscuits

Those of you that follow my blog are aware that bourbon biscuits have been one of my staple sweet treats for a long time. I rely heavily on Waitrose own brand bourbon bidcuits as they are my favourite. Sadly, a recent experience has meant that I have had to do some investigative work to find out what alternatives are available. Here’s what I found so far…….
A visit to Sainsbury’s revealed two types of bourbon biscuits available. Both of which were Sainsbury’s own brand. Their normal bourbon biscuits and their own brand value bourbon biscuits. Sadly neither are an option if you follow a dairy and or lactose free diet as both state may contain milk.
A trip to the co-op found me on my knees looking to find the bourbon biscuits. They only had their own brand which said may contain traces of milk. So that ruled these out.
So the next step was online, for a quick hunt for my staple treats. Firstly, Asda. I don’t have a store local to me and have yet to try their online delivery service. A quick search on their website revealed 1 choice. Sadly, these were not an option.
Next stop was Morrisons, again I do not have one local to me, but you can now order online so I thought I would take a peek at their website. As with Asda 1 option was available,their own brand. Sadly, not a suitable option either.
My final stop was the Iceland website. They only stocked the well-known Crawford’s bourbon biscuits. Sadly, not an option either.
In conclusion, it is proving difficult to find a safe alternative to what is one of my favourite staple sweet treats. I will continue to look just in case I happen to stumble across a suitable packet that I can enjoy. In the mean time it’s Waitrose and Tesco’s bourbon biscuits for me. If anyone out there has any great biscuit finds that are dairy free please let me know. I would love to give them a try. Thanks C 😊.

Disclaimer: The pictures from Asda, Morrison’s and Iceland have been used from their website.


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