Hot Water and Fresh Lemon Drink

Whilst enjoying a relaxing day at the gym I was able to spend some time by the pool reading whilst enjoying the sun. One of the items I read was a ladies health and fitness magazine. It had a small piece on the benefits of drinking hot water with fresh lemon. It advised that it had possible health benefits which included a detoxifying effect and speeding up your metabolism. I have occasionally drunk this before, but it was infrequent. I have recently been on antibiotics and this resulted in a constant foul taste in my mouth. I couldn’t enjoy any teas. So I tried a slice in lemon in hot water every morning and found that I could taste the lemon and found it to be highly refreshing.
I am glad to say that my taste returned to normal as soon as the antibiotics stopped and I now continue to enjoy many cups of tea, be it black, fruit or herbal. I always have a a cold glass of water first thing in the morning. When I can I try and make the second drink a hot water with a slice of lemon. I tend have this a couple of times a week. Personally I have not noticed any health benefits from doing this, but what it has done is made me appreciate the flavours of my cups of tea more. I would recommend that you give it a try, it’s a nice refreshing way to start the day. It has also proved to me that I don’t really need that caffeine fix to start the day.


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