Review of Twinings Mint Green Tea

As a lady who enjoys her cups of tea on a daily basis I am always on the lookout for new teas to try. I am starting to drink more green tea as it is a great tea to be enjoyed milk free and is therefore perfect for dairy free me. I have tried a couple of brands of green tea of varying qualities. I recently stayed in a hotel for the weekend and saw several packets of Twinings tea. So I grabbed a few packets to try with my breakfast. I am afraid that I got a little carried away and wasn’t able to try all of them. So I took a packet of the Twinings green mint green tea home to try at a later date.

I liked the packaging of this tea from its light green theme with a mint left to the far right hand bottom corner. Onto the ingredients list I personally found this to be a tad annoying and disappointing. There are no ingredients listed. So I checked on the Twinings website and green tea, peppermint leaves (10%) and flavourings (7%) are listed. There were no allergens highlighted and there is no may contain warning.

On opening the packet I have to admit to be a tad disappointed I wasn’t really greeted by any aroma. I was hoping for a slightly grassy meadow that I associate with green tea. There was a hint of this on my famous close up sniff test, but it was quiet faint. As for the mint it simply just wasn’t present. I placed the teabag in my teacup and added my slightly cooled freshly boiled hot water. I left the tea to infuse with the hot water as instructed. The hot water soon changed to a light brown/green colour. The aroma of the tea intensified or should say became apparent as the tea infused with the hot water. It was a faint grassy aroma with subtle but stronger aroma of mint of noted. On sipping the tea I could taste both the delicate grassy and mint elements to this tea. This made a pleasant change to other green teas that I have tried which have had a stronger slightly bitter flavour. It was nice to experience a lighter green tea which had the bonus of subtle mint flavour. It was a nice refreshing delicate tea that somehow had a nice soothing and comforting effect as I drank it.

So would I recommend this green tea? Definitely. I liked both the subtle aroma and aroma to this tea. The mint flavour perfectly balances with the slight grassiness from the green tea resulting in a nice light refreshing tea. So if you are either a green or mint tea fan why not give this tea a try. So thank you Twinings for producing a nice green tea that I can enjoy.

Review of Starbucks Chamomile Blend Herbal Infusion Tea

I popped into Starbucks the other day with a friend to catch up and enjoy a nice hot drink. My friend had her usual coffee and I opted for their peppermint tea. I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake and find their peppermint tea hits the spot nicely. Instead what I got was a green spearmint tea, er not quiet the same. I explained the error to the barista who apologised and explained that they had run out of peppermint tea and I had been given this instead. I politely explained that I had hoped for a caffeine free tea and opted for their chamomile instead.

I tend to have the small mugs in Starbucks as they are always seem large to me. The tea looked promising I could clearly see all of its various ingredients in the teabag. What was noticeable was the lack of aroma, there really wasn’t one even one. I was a tad disappointed by this. I sipped the tea and well there was no real flavour evident it was bland and weak. I do like a chamomile tea but this I would struggle to say it smelt or tasted as a chamomile tea should. I left it for a few minutes to allow the tea to infuse with the hot water. Still no aroma from the mug, I even got my friend to give it a sniff and they noted the same. There was however a faint taste of chamomile slightly grassy is how I would describe it, but nothing that excited my taste buds. I found it to be a tad bland.

I’m sorry Starbucks but I was really disappointed by this chamomile tea. It simply lacked any aroma or flavour. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who wishes to try a herbal or caffeine free tea. I will be sticking to your peppermint tea, it is so much nicer.

Review of Pukka Cool Mint Green Tea

Well I am on my holidays at the moment. To cut a long story short we always have an online supermarket delivery which my sister kindly did following all my dairy/lactose/milk free requests. Then she had to remember my teabags too. I requested my favourite Pukka three mint tea. My sister kindly did my request, not being a tea drinker she put Pukka mint tea into the search box and ordered these. I didn’t realise that Pukka did a different version of mint tea, so was excited by thought of trying an alternative. I loved the design of the box in the typical Pukka style with pictures of white ladies dancing. What was impressive with these teabags is that Pukka donate 20p to the WWF with every pack. All the ingredients are organically grown and ethically sourced. The main ingredient is green tea, 70% and 30% spearmint.
On opening the box I was immediately hit by the refreshing aroma of spearmint. The teabags are individually wrapped inside in a medium green packaging. On opening the teabag the aroma of the peppermint was slightly weaker. I placed the teabag into a mug of hot water and allowed the tea to infuse with the water as instructed. It turned a nice light green/brown with a subtle aroma of spearmint being emitted.
On sipping the tea it had a subtle peppermint flavour, which I found very refreshing. To be honest I found it difficult to distinguish the green tea element. I was personally a little disappointed with this tea. One of the things I really enjoy about drinking mint tea is the soothing sensation you get in your stomach as it enters your digestive system. This simply didn’t happen. That said overall I did enjoy this tea and found it very refreshing. Personally, I will be sticking to the Pukka three mint tea instead, which is still one of my favourite teas.